10 Facts about Bruce Ismay

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If you want to know the details about the English Businessman, check Facts about Bruce Ismay. Ismay was the managing director and chairman of White Star Line of steamships. He was born on 12 December 1862 in Crosby, Lancashire and died on 17 October 1937. Get more facts about Ismay by reading the below post:

Facts about Bruce Ismay 1: parents

His mother was Margaret Bruce. She was the daughter of Luke Bruce, a ship owner. His father was Thomas Henry Ismay. His father established the White Star Line.

Facts about Bruce Ismay 2: education

Bruce Ismay was enrolled to Elstree School and Harrow for his early education. Then he spent one year to study France. He spent four years as an apprentice in his father’s office. Then he decided to have a tour around the world.

Bruce Ismay Facts

Bruce Ismay Facts

Facts about Bruce Ismay 3: living in New York City

He became the representative of his father’s company in New York City. Then he took the position as an agent.

Facts about Bruce Ismay 4: Liverpool Ramblers football club

In 1882, Liverpool Ramblers football club was established. Do you know that Ismay was one of the founding members?

Facts about Bruce Ismay

Facts about Bruce Ismay

Facts about Bruce Ismay 5: the personal life

Julia Florence Schieffelin was the wife of Ismay. Both married on 4 December 1888.  Both were blessed with five kids. Those were George Bruce Ismay, Evelyn Constance Ismay, Thomas Bruce Ismay, Henry Bruce Ismay and Margaret Bruce Ismay.

Facts about Bruce Ismay 6: moving to United Kingdom

Bruce Ismay and his family decided to relocate to United Kingdom in 1891. Then he became a partner in the firm of his father called Ismay, Imrie and Company.

Bruce Ismay

Bruce Ismay

Facts about Bruce Ismay 7: as a chairman

Ismay became the chairman of White Star Line after his father died. There were four ocean liners that he established. Those are RMS Adriatic, RMS Baltic, RMS Cedric and RMS Celtic. All them were stressed more on speed and luxury. Get Brian Boru facts here.

Facts about Bruce Ismay 8: RMS Titanic

On 10 April 1912, RMS Titanic made its voyage from Southampton to reach New York City. However, the ship crashed the iceberg and sunk. Ismay was alive after he took Collapsible Lifeboat C.

Bruce Ismay Titanic

Bruce Ismay Titanic

Facts about Bruce Ismay 9: the criticism

American and the British press heavily criticized Ismay for his survival after the disaster. The people questioned how could he was on the lifeboat, while women and children were still on Titanic. Get facts about Brigham Young here.

Facts about Bruce Ismay 10: death

Ismay died at the age of 74 years old because of stroke on 17 October 1937.

Bruce Ismay Picture

Bruce Ismay Picture

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