10 Facts about Bruce Lee

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Find out the interesting facts about the notable Hong Kong film actor, martial artist, filmmaker, philosopher and martial art instructor in Facts about Bruce Lee. He was born Lee Jun-fan on 27 November 1940. But he chose Bruce Lee as his stage name. He died on 20 July 1973. Bruce Lee is considered as one of the prominent martial artists in the world. Let’s find out more facts about Bruce Lee below:

Facts about Bruce Lee 1: the place of birth

Bruce Lee was born on 27 November 1940 in Chinatown, San Francisco. His parents were from Hong Kong. Until his late teens, Bruce Lee was raised his parents in Kowloon.

Facts about Bruce Lee 2: a child actor

Before he was a prominent artist in the film industry, he became a child actor because of his father. When he was young, he decided to relocate to United State to pursue his education. He was enrolled at University of Washington at Seattle.

Bruce Lee Actor

Bruce Lee Actor

Facts about Bruce Lee 3: teaching martial art

When he studied in United States, Bruce Lee also began his teaching activity as a martial art teacher.

Facts about Bruce Lee 4: the traditional Hong Kong martial art

Bruce Lee specialized his movies to depict the traditional Hong Kong martial art. It made the audiences impressed. In 1970s, the western people were interested with the Chinese martial art.

Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee

Facts about Bruce Lee 5: the famous roles of Bruce Lee

There are several five feature length movies which made Bruce lee famous in the world. Those include The Game of Death (1978), Enter the Dragon (1973), Way of the Dragon (1972), Fist of Fury (1972), and The Big Boss (1971). Find facts about Brad Pitt here.

Facts about Bruce Lee 6: the Chinese nationalism

If you check most of his movies, they depicted the Chinese nationalism. There is no need to wonder that Bruce Lee is still considered as an iconic figure among the Chinese people.

Bruce Lee Facts

Bruce Lee Facts

Facts about Bruce Lee 7: Wing Chun

If we talk about Bruce lee, we should never forget about Wing Chun. It is considered as the specialized martial art of Lee. Get facts about Bradley Cooper here.

Facts about Bruce Lee 8: the dual nationality

When Lee was alive, he had two nationalities from United States and Hong Kong.

Bruce Lee Image

Bruce Lee Image

Facts about Bruce Lee 9: parents of Bruce lee

Lee Hoi-chuen was the name of Bruce Lee’s father. He was Han Chinese. His mother was half Caucasian and half Chinese. She was Grace Ho.

Facts about Bruce Lee 10: the death of Bruce lee

Bruce Lee died when he was only 32 years old on 20 July 1973 in Kowloon Tong.

Facts about Bruce Lee

Facts about Bruce Lee

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