10 Facts about Brumbies

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Facts about Brumbies tell you about the feral horse in Australia. The people mostly spot these free roaming feral horses in Northern Territory. But actually you can spot them in every region in Australia. If you want to know the notable brumbies, you can go to the south-eastern Australia in Australian Alps region. Queensland houses the second largest population of Brumbies. Here are other interesting facts about brumbies:

Facts about Brumbies 1: the place of living

The easiest place to spot brumbies is in the national parks in Australia. The presence of brumbies in Australia is controversial. The government and environmentalists consider brumbies as a threat or pest to the native ecosystem.

Facts about Brumbies 2: the domesticated brumbies

There are several purposes of domesticated brumbies. The people use the horses as pleasure horses, Pony Club mounts, trail horses, working stock horses on the stations and farms, show horses and camp drafters.



Facts about Brumbies 3: the support for brumbies

There are some people who support the existence of brumbies. Brumbies are part of Australian heritage that should be treated well.

Facts about Brumbies 4: the first horses in Australia

The First Fleet brought the horses in 1788 in Australia. The main usages of the horses at that time were for the utility and farm work. It was believed that 200 horses were in Australia in 1800. In 1810, the horse racing was popular in the country which increased the import of horses from England to Australia.

Brumbies Picture

Brumbies Picture

Facts about Brumbies 5: the number of horses

As of 1820, there were 3,500 horses in Australia. As of 1850, there were 160,000 horses. Find out Australian animals facts here.

Facts about Brumbies 6: the feral horses

The horses in Australia became feral because they were left to find food or even released by the owners to the wild area. Some of them escaped from the farm due to the poor installation of fences.

Brumbies Horses

Brumbies Horses

Facts about Brumbies 7: the number of feral horses

The population of the feral horses enhances for about 20 percent during the non drought season. There are at least 400,000 horses in Australia. The natural threats for brumbies include brushfires and drought. Get facts about Australia here.

Facts about Brumbies 8: a moderate pest

Brumbies or feral horses are considered as moderate pest. The population of feral horses can damage the environment because they tend to cause erosion and damage vegetation.

Brumbies Facts

Brumbies Facts

Facts about Brumbies 9: ‘Pangare Ponies’

‘Pangare Ponies’ is a term used to call the brumbies which live on the coast south of Geraldton, Western Australia.

Facts about Brumbies 10: the captured brumbies

The people capture brumbies which roam freely in Australia to be trained as saddle horses or stock horses.

Facts about Brumbies

Facts about Brumbies

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