10 Facts about Brunei

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Facts about Brunei talk about the sovereign state located at the north Coast of Borneo Island. The official name of the country is Nation of Brunei, the Abode of Peace. The state of Sarawak, Malaysia surrounds the country. Based on the report in 2012, the country is inhabited by 408,786 people. Let’s find out more interesting information about Brunei below:

Facts about Brunei 1: Bruneian Empire

Sultan Bolkiah was in his reign in 1485 until 1528. It was considered as the peak of the Bruneian Empire for the area covered many parts of Borneo such as Sulu archipelago, Sabah, Seludong and Sarawak.

Facts about Brunei 2: the decline

The empire of Brunei declined in 19th century. Sarawak was given to James Brooke. British North Borneo Chartered Company got Sabah. It was included as a British protectorate in 1888.



Facts about Brunei 3: the independence

On 1 January 1984, Brunei got the independence from UK. After the independence, Brunei has a major economic growth. It becomes an industrialized country after the growth for the economy increased 56 perfect from 1999 until 2008.

Facts about Brunei 4: the developed country

Brunei is included as a developed country. In the South Asian countries, Brunei takes the second place of the Human Development Index. The first one is taken by Singapore. The wealth is taken from natural gas and petroleum fields.

Brunei Pic

Brunei Pic

Facts about Brunei 5: IMF

Brunei takes the fifth place in the world by gross domestic product per capita based on the purchasing power parity. It is reported by IMF or International Monetary Fund. The public debt of this country was 0 percent of the national GDP based on the report of IMF in 2011. Get facts about Brazil here.

Facts about Brunei 6: the fifth richest country

Brunei is called as the fifth wealthiest country in the world based on the list of Forbes.  The main source of the economy is from the natural gas and petroleum.

Brunei Facts

Brunei Facts

Facts about Brunei 7: the culture

The culture of the people in Brunei is mainly influenced by the Malay culture as well as Islam. If you compare Brunei with Malaysia and Indonesia, it has conservative style. The philosophy and ideology of Brunei are heavily influenced by Islam.

Facts about Brunei 8: language

Malay language is the primary language of people in Brunei. But many people speak English. At schools, English is considered as compulsory subject to learn by the students in Brunei.

Brunei at Night

Brunei at Night

Facts about Brunei 9: the media

Freedom House gives the media in Brunei Not Free Status. It is very rare for the media to criticize the monarchy and government. Get facts about Britain here.

Facts about Brunei 10: the official religion

The official religion in Brunei is Islam. You can also spot some people practicing Christianity and Buddhism.

Facts about Brunei

Facts about Brunei

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