10 Facts about Brunettes

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If you want to know more about brown hair, you have to check Facts about Brunettes. The shade of brunettes is various. You can find the dark brunettes to the light brunettes. The word brunette is taken from the French word. It is considered as the feminine form of brunet. The meaning of brunette is dark haired, brown hair or brown. Here are other interesting brunette facts:

Facts about Brunettes 1: the common hair

It is very common to spot the people who live in western countries in the world to have brunette. They can be found living in Greater Middle East, US, Southern Europe and Central Europe.

Facts about Brunettes 2: a distinctive color

Brunette hair color is very different from black and blonde hair color due to the presence of pigment eumelanin. The amount of pigment eumelanin in brunette is less than the black hair color, while it has more pigment eumelanin than the blonde hair.

Brunettes Beauty

Brunettes Beauty

Facts about Brunettes 3: types of eumelanin

Pigment eumelanin is available in two types. Both are brown eumelanin and black eumelanin. They are differentiated based on the pattern of polymer bonds. The lighter brown shade is expressed in brown eumelanin. The darkest one is seen in black eumelanin.

Facts about Brunettes 4:the brown eumelanin

The non Semitic Middle eastern people and Europeans people mostly have the brown eumelanin. The non European people have the black eumelanin.

Facts about Brunettes

Facts about Brunettes

Facts about Brunettes 5: the grey hair

The hair is grey when the black eumelanin in the hair is very small.

Facts about Brunettes 6: the blond color

The yellow or blond hair color occurs when a person has a small amount of brown eumelanin. Sometimes, the child who has a yellow or blond color has darkened hair when he or she grows up.



Facts about Brunettes 7: the strands

The strands of brunette hair have the medium thickness. Get blonde hair facts here.

Facts about Brunettes 8: the skin tone and eye colors

If you check the people who have brunette hair color, the skin complexion is ranging from olive skin complexion to pale skin tone. They have light to dark eye color.

Brunettes Hair

Brunettes Hair

Facts about Brunettes 9: the shades of brunettes

There are numerous shades of brunettes. They are walnut brown, maple brown, light chestnut brown, auburn brown, reddish brown, and medium brown. The latter one is considered as the standard brunette. Get facts about brown hair.

Facts about Brunettes 10: auburn hair

One of the shades of brunette is available in auburn hair color. It comes in reddish brown tone. It comes in medium to dark tone.

Brunettes Facts

Brunettes Facts

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