10 Facts about Brussels

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Facts about Brussels talk about a region located in Belgium. There are 19 municipalities in the Brussels- Capital region. The capital of Brussels is the city of Brussels based on de jure. Brussels is considered as the capital of European Union based on de facto. Let’s find out more interesting facts about Brussels below:

Facts about Brussels 1: the population

Brussels is inhabited by 1.2 million people. There are 1.8 million people who live in the metropolitan area of Brussels.

Facts about Brussels 2: the international politics

Brussels is considered as a center of the international politics after the World War 2 ended. Brussels is the base for NATO or North Atlantic treaty Organization and the secretariat of the Benelux. You can also find different institutions for civil servants, politicians and international organization in Brussels.

Facts about Brussels

Facts about Brussels

Facts about Brussels 3: the language

French is considered as the major language spoken by the people in Belgium. The city is situated between the language communities in Belgium. The north is Dutch, while south is French. When Belgium was independent in 1830, the people began to speak French.

Facts about Brussels 4: the unique architecture

Brussels has unique and wonderful architecture. You can see the post modern buildings, gothic architecture and Baroque design. If you look at the EU Institutions, they are made in postmodern design. The Grand Place is established in Louis XIV styles. Get facts about Bristol here.

Brussels Skyline

Brussels Skyline

Facts about Brussels 5: Grand Place

In 1998, Grand Place was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The people who come to Brussels love Grand Place. The Neo-Gothic Breadhouse, Flamboyant Town Hall and Baroque guildhalls are spotted on the square.

Facts about Brussels 6: the symbol of the city

If you want to know the symbol of city of Brussels, you need to look at the Manneken Pis. You can find a bronze sculpture of a urinating youth in a fountain.

Brussels Facts

Brussels Facts

Facts about Brussels 7: other attractive buildings

There are many other landscapes that you can check in Brussels. Those include the Royal Palace, St. Michael and Gudula Cathedral, Palace of Justice, Espace Leopold and Stoclet Palace.

Facts about Brussels 8: Cinquantenaire park

Cinquantenaire Park shows you the green environment. It features a triumphal. If you visit the park, you can spot the museums such as Basilica of the Sacred Heart and Royal Palace of Laeken. Find facts about Brighton here.

Brussels Beauty

Brussels Beauty

Facts about Brussels 9: the museums

There are at least 80 museums that you can find in Brussels. If you are a fan of Rene Magritte, you can go to Magritte Museum. You will see a lot of collections of this famous surrealist.

Facts about Brussels 10: cuisine

The notable type of cuisine is the local waffle. The city is also linked with Brussels sprout.

Brussels at Night

Brussels at Night

Are you impressed reading facts about Brussels?

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