10 Facts about Brussels sprouts

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Facts about Brussels sprouts tell you the leafy green vegetables included in Gemmifera Group of cabbages. The people plant Brussels sprouts because they want to take the edible buds. The shape of Brussels sprout reminds you with the miniature cabbage. It has the diameter at 0.98 to 1.6 inches or 1.5 cm to 4 cm. Let’s find out more interesting facts about Brussels sprout in the below explanation:

Facts about Brussels Sprouts 1: the popularity

Brussels sprout is always associated with Brussels, Belgium. People believe that the name of the vegetable is derived from the city of Brussels. There is no need to wonder that Brussels sprout is very popular in the city.

Facts about Brussels Sprouts 2: the cultivation

The report states that Brussels sprout was growing in Belgium in 13th century. The reference of about the growth of Brussels sprout was recorded in 1587.

Brussels Sprouts Food

Brussels Sprouts Food

Facts about Brussels Sprouts 3: the spread of Brussels sprout

The people in southern Netherlands loved Brussels sprout in 16th century which made this vegetable spread into other countries in Northern Europe.

Facts about Brussels Sprouts 4: the temperature to grow Brussels sprouts

If you are interested to grow Brussels sprouts, you need to make sure that you live in a cooler place. The best temperature is 45 to 75 degree F or 7 to 24 degree C.

Brussels Sprouts Dishes

Brussels Sprouts Dishes

Facts about Brussels Sprouts 5: the harvesting time

The people who plant Brussels sprouts have to wait for 90 to 180 to harvest them.

Facts about Brussels Sprouts 6: the appearance

The buds that Brussels sprouts have the helical patterns. The height of the thick stalks is around 24 to 47 inches.

Brussels Sprouts Facts

Brussels Sprouts Facts

Facts about Brussels Sprouts 7: the harvesting time

When the harvesting time comes, you can pick Brussels sprouts by hands and place them into baskets. Find black bean facts here.

Facts about Brussels Sprouts 8: the weight of stalks

Each stalk has the weight at 2.0 lb or 900 g in the commercial yield. This vegetable is often used as a traditional winter stock vegetables because the harvesting time is in September to March for the Brussels sprouts in temperate areas.

Brussels Sprouts Salad

Brussels Sprouts Salad

Facts about Brussels Sprouts 9: the cultivars

There are several cultivars of Brussels sprouts available in the market.  The Red Bull and Ruby Crunch have the purple color. Get facts about broccoli here.

Facts about Brussels Sprouts 10: the largest producer of Brussels sprouts

Netherlands is considered as the largest producer of Brussels sprouts in Continent Europe. It generates 82,000 metric tons of Brussels sprouts. Germany produces 10,000 tons of Brussels sprouts.

Facts about Brussels Sprouts

Facts about Brussels Sprouts

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