10 Facts about Bryan Adams

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Facts about Bryan Adams present the interesting information about the Canadian musician, singer, actor, and producer. He was born on 5 November 1959 with the full name Bryan Guy Adams. Cuts like a Knife is the album which made him gain commercial success in North America.  Another album of Adams with the title Reckless also made him as global star in the world. Here are other interesting facts about Adams to note:

Facts about Bryan Adams 1: awards and nominations

There are a lot of nomination and awards that Adams receives during his musical career. He had 15 Grammy awards nominations. He won American Music Award, MTV awards and ASCAP awards.

Facts about Bryan Adams 2: songwriting for movies

Due to his songwriting for movies, he was nominated three times for the Oscar and five times for Golden Globe Awards.

Bryan Adams Facts

Bryan Adams Facts

Facts about Bryan Adams 3: honors

Due to his contributions to music and his philosophic work, Bryan Adams earned the Order of British Columbia and Order of Canada. Adams had a foundation that he used to increase the people’s education in the world.

Facts about Bryan Adams 4: Hall of Fame

You can find his name in various walks of fame. In April 2006, his name was inducted at Music Hall of Fame. In 1998, his name was inducted at Canadian Broadcast Hall of fame and Canada’s Walk of Fame. In 2011, he had his name at Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Facts about Bryan Adams

Facts about Bryan Adams

Facts about Bryan Adams 5: the early life

Let’s find out the early life of Adams. His mother was Elizabeth Jane and his father was Captain Conrad J. Adams. His parents were British.  In 1950s, his parents relocated from England to Canada. Get Brooke Fraser facts here.

Facts about Bryan Adams 6: traveling

When Adams was young, he traveled a lot with his parents to various diplomatic postings such as in Vienna, Portugal, and Israel.

Bryan Adams

Bryan Adams

Facts about Bryan Adams 7: a dish washer

Do you know that Bryan Adams had worked as a dish washer when he was 14 years old? He saved the money from this job to buy him a guitar. He had a band. They rehearsed in the basement of his mother located on North Vancouver. Adams was chosen as singer until the band found a singer.  But the band never found any singer.

Facts about Bryan Adams 8: the debut album

In February 1980s, Bryan Adams released his self titled debut album.

Bryan Adams Singer

Bryan Adams Singer

Facts about Bryan Adams 9: the second album

You Want It You Got It is the second album of Adams. That’s the first album of Adams which was co produced by Clearmountain. Find Bruno Mars facts here.

Facts about Bryan Adams 10: Reckless

Another album of Adams was Reckless. In November 1984, the album was released. The singles were “It’s Only Love”, “Somebody”, “Run to you”, and “One Night Love Affair”.

Bryan Adams Pic

Bryan Adams Pic

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