10 Facts about Bubble Wrap

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The pliable transparent plastic material is explained in Facts about Bubble Wrap. The main function for this bubble wrap is to pack the fragile items. The fragile items are safe if they are packed with bubble wrap because of the air filled bubbles on the bubble wrap. Sealed Air Corporation is the owner of the generic trademark of Bubble Wrap. Let’s find out more interesting bubble wrap facts:

Facts about Bubble Wrap 1: a three dimensional plastic wallpaper

The idea to create a three dimensional plastic wallpaper was invented by Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes in 1957. But both failed to apply the idea.

Facts about Bubble Wrap 2: Sealed Air Corporation

In 1960, Alfred Fielding established Sealed Air Corporation. The company owns the generic term of bubble wrap.

Bubble Wrap Picture

Bubble Wrap Picture

Facts about Bubble Wrap 3: other names

There are other names to call the bubble wraps. Some people also call it bubble pack, air bubble packing, bubble paper, aeroplast and bubble wrapping.

Facts about Bubble Wrap 4: the sizes

There are various sizes of bubble wraps that you can find on the stores. The size of the bubble wrap is based on the objects that you like to pack. They are used to pack the sensitive objects and fragile objects.

Bubble Wrap Image

Bubble Wrap Image

Facts about Bubble Wrap 5: the safer options

If the object is super fragile, you will need to pack it with multiple layers of bubble wrap. Therefore, you can decrease the vibration and shock. It is used as a surface protective layer if it comes in a single layer.

Facts about Bubble Wrap 6: the material

LDPE or polyethylene film is used to form bubble wrap. You can find the bubbles of the bubbles wrap with the small size at ¼ inch or 6 millimeters. The large ones can reach 1 inch or 26 millimeters.

Bubble Wrap Facts

Bubble Wrap Facts

Facts about Bubble Wrap 7: the most common bubble size

If you check the available bubble wrap in the stores, most of them have the bubble’s size at 1 cm. Get facts about binoculars here.

Facts about Bubble Wrap 8: the type of plastic

The type of plastic used to create the bubble wrap is also determined carefully. The anti static plastic is used to create the bubble wrap for it can give maximum protection for the sensitive electronic chips.

Facts about Bubble Wrap

Facts about Bubble Wrap

Facts about Bubble Wrap 9: the shapes

The shapes of bubble wrap are numerous. In 1997, the Italian company Torninova created heart shaped bubbles on the bubble wrap. Find out another technology in Beam Bridges facts here.

Facts about Bubble Wrap 10: bubble wrap and children

Children love to play with bubble wrap for it can produce the popping sound when you rupture the bubbles.

Bubble Wrap

Bubble Wrap

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