10 Facts about Bubbles

Thursday, September 10th 2015. | Science

Let me show you the interesting Facts about Bubbles below. You can create bubble from the soap filled with water. The soap bubbles only last for few seconds after you create them.  The bubble will disappear after it faces contact with other objects. The bubbles are created by the people for various reasons. They use it for artistic performance, or even for enjoyment.

Facts about Bubbles 1: the colors

Bubbles seem to change the colors when they are reflected by the light. The colors are from the interference of light of the soap film. They are not produced like those that you see in the rainbow.

Facts about Bubbles 2: the complex mathematical problem

If you are interested to know the complex mathematical problem of a minimal surface, you can study about soap bubble.

Facts about Bubbles

Facts about Bubbles

Facts about Bubbles 3: a soap film and soap bubble

The surface of a soap bubble has constant mean curvature because it has different pressure inside and outside. The soap film has zero mean curvature for it has equal pressure for inside and outside.

Facts about Bubbles 4: the usage of soap bubble films

The usage of soap bubble films is always associated with the problem solving applications. It was used to decide the geometry of a surface area by Frei Otto.



Facts about Bubbles 5: bubbles and education

Bubbles are used widely in education. The teachers use bubbles as media to show the students different concepts such as mirrored surface, color formation, elastic properties, transparency, convex surfaces and flexibility. Find out aluminum foil facts here.

Facts about Bubbles 6: the variety of shapes

There are different kinds of shapes that the teachers can present to the students by checking bubbles such as hexagon, tetrahedron, cube, sphere, circle, triangle and square.

Bubbles Facts

Bubbles Facts

Facts about Bubbles 7: the benefits of bubbles for children

There are positive effects that the young children can get by playing the artificial bubbles for entertainment. The children have enhanced motor skills and motion skills.

Facts about Bubbles 8: bubble solution

In 1940s, Chemtoy was a company located in Chicago which sold bubble solution. Then the solution is very popular among people. There is a report which states that 200 million bottles of bubble solution are sold every year. Get facts about Bubble Wrap here.

Bubble Performance

Bubble Performance

Facts about Bubbles 9: the freezing

The soap bubbles will freeze when you blow them with the air temperature less than 5 degree F or 15 degree C.

Facts about Bubbles 10: the art performance

Bubble is often combined with art performance. The performers often create giant bubbles. Others try to create the bubbles in various forms.

Bubble Image

Bubble Image

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