10 Facts about Bubonic Plague

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Facts about Bubonic Plague talk about a bacterial infection. Yersinia pestis is the cause of this infection. The patients develop flu like symptoms three to seven days after the body is infected by the bacteria. The symptoms include vomiting, headaches, and fevers. The area in which the bacteria penetrate in the skin usually has painful and swollen lymph nodes. Here are the interesting facts about bubonic plague for you:

Facts about Bubonic Plague 1: the types of plagues

The route of infection of the bacteria causes three types of plagues. One of them is bubonic plague.

Facts about Bubonic Plague 2: the spread of bubonic plague

The infected fleas from small animals spread the bubonic plague. In some cases, the spread of the infection occurs because the patients are exposed from the body fluid of infected animals.

Bubonic Plague Bacteria

Bubonic Plague Bacteria

Facts about Bubonic Plague 3: diagnosis

Fleas bite on the skin transfer the bacteria. Then the bacteria will travel to a lymph node via lymphatics. The infection makes the node swell. To find out the bubonic plague on the patients, the bacteria will be found out on the sputum, blood or fluid in the lymph nodes. Get facts about bacteria here.

Facts about Bubonic Plague 4: the prevention

The people who live with the areas of plague have higher risk of being infected by bubonic plague. Don’t handle the dead animal in the infected areas to prevent it.

Bubonic Plague

Bubonic Plague

Facts about Bubonic Plague 5: the antibiotics

There are several antibiotics used by the doctor to treat the bubonic plagues such as doxycycline, gentamicin and streptomycin. The death which causes by bubonic plague is around 30 to 90 percent for those who do not have any appropriate treatment.

Facts about Bubonic Plague 6: the death

The death of the people infected by bubonic plague happens in 10 days after the infection if the patient does not get good treatment.

Facts about Bubonic Plague

Facts about Bubonic Plague

Facts about Bubonic Plague 7: the death risk

The death risk for the bubonic plague is around 10 percent for the infected people who have proper treatment.

Facts about Bubonic Plague 8: the presence of bubonic plague

Bubonic plague is very common in Africa.  The report states that 750 documented cases of bubonic plagues occurred in 2013. There were 126 deaths.

Bubonic Plague Pic

Bubonic Plague Pic

Facts about Bubonic Plague 9: Black Death

The people believed that the Black Death which killed a lot of people in 14th century in Europe, Asia and Africa was Bubonic plague. Check Black Death facts here.

Facts about Bubonic Plague 10: the first record of bubonic plague

Bubonic plague was first record in Byzantine Empire or Eastern Roman Empire. People called it Plague of Justinian.

Bubonic Plague Facts

Bubonic Plague Facts

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