10 Facts about Buchenwald

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Facts about Buchenwald talk about the concentration camp located on Ettersberg near Weimar, Germany. This German Nazi camp is at Etter Mountain. It is considered as one of the largest concentration camps of German Nazi. Let’s find out more history of Buchenwald concentration camp by reading the below post:

Facts about Buchenwald 1: the prisoners

The prisoners who lived here came from different background. You can find the Freemasons, Jews, Poles, political prisoners, religious prisoners, and the people with birth defects, the mentally ill people, criminals, prisoners of war, homosexuals, and Bible students.

Facts about Buchenwald 2: the forced labors

All of the prisoners were used by the German Nazi as forced labor. They worked in the factories.

Buchenwald Entrance

Buchenwald Entrance

Facts about Buchenwald 3: the internment camp

Buchenwald was used as an internment camp when Soviet Union occupied the country in 1945 until 1950. They called the camp as NKDV special camp number 2.

Facts about Buchenwald 4: Buchenwald today

Today people can visit Buchenwald to see the museum and exhibition. You can also find a memorial here.

Buchenwald Facts

Buchenwald Facts

Facts about Buchenwald 5: the construction

Buchenwald was established by German Nazis in 1937. Jedem das Seine is the slogan that you can find at the primary entrance gate of the camp. The Nazis operated the camp until 1945.

Facts about Buchenwald 6: the Soviet and East German

As I have stated before, Soviet Union used it as a NKDV special camp for Germans in 1945 until 1950. The East German Ministry of Internal Affairs got the camp from Soviet Union on 6 January 1950.

Buchenwald Germany

Buchenwald Germany

Facts about Buchenwald 7: the name

At first, there was an attempt to call the camp as K.L. Ettersberg. But the word Buchenwald was selected to name this camp. Buchenwald means beech forest. Check Facts about Auschwitz Concentration Camp here.

Facts about Buchenwald 8: the number of prisoners

The number of prisoners located in Buchenwald was 238,380 individuals in April 1938 until April 1945. It included 350 western prisoners of war from the allies. The people who were locked in the camp came from different countries. The death in the camp reached 56,000 people.

Buchenwald Camp

Buchenwald Camp

Facts about Buchenwald 9: the American bombing raid

On 24 August 1944, the American bombing raid occurred at the armament factory which increased the rate of casualties among the prisoners. Due to the raid, there were 388 prisoners killed and 2,000 prisoners wounded.

Facts about Buchenwald 10: the first commandant

In 1937 until 1941, Karl-Otto Koch became the first commandant on Buchenwald concentration camp. Ilse Koch was his second wife. People called her Die Hexe von Buchenwald or the witch of Buchenwald. This woman was famous with her brutal and cruel act. Get Facts about Belzec Concentration Camp here.

Facts about Buchenwald

Facts about Buchenwald

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