10 Facts about Buckingham Palace

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Facts about Buckingham Palace talk about the monarchy residence of United Kingdom. The royal hospitality as well as the state occasion is mostly conducted in this palace. The location is in City of Westminster. In the past, people called it Buckingham House. Let’s find out the architecture, design and history of Buckingham palace by reading the below post:

Facts about Buckingham Palace 1: the brief history of the Buckingham Palace

In 1703, Duke of Buckingham built a large townhouse used as the core of the Buckingham Palace today. For more than 150 years, the building was owned privately.

Facts about Buckingham Palace 2: King George III

In 1761, King George III acquired the townhouse built by Duke of Buckingham. It was known as the Queen’s House for King George used it as a private residence for Queen Charlotte.

Buckingham Palace Interior

Buckingham Palace Interior

Facts about Buckingham Palace 3: the enlargement

The architects John Nash and Edward Blore were in charge of enlarging the palace in 19th century. The central courtyard was decorated with three wings.

Facts about Buckingham Palace 4: Queen Victoria

In 1837, Queen Victoria used the Buckingham Palace as the official royal palace for the British monarch.

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace

Facts about Buckingham Palace 5: other additions in Buckingham Palace

In the end of 19th and 20th century, the East front of Buckingham palace is decorated with the balcony. This structure is very famous because the royal family will greet the crowds from the balcony.

Facts about Buckingham Palace 6: the palace chapel

During World War II, the German bomb damaged the palace chapel. Check Bodiam Castle facts here.

Buckingham Palace Beauty

Buckingham Palace Beauty

Facts about Buckingham Palace 7: the royal collection

In 1962, the public was able to visit the Buckingham palace to enjoy the royal collection exhibited the work of art on the Queen’s gallery.

Facts about Buckingham Palace 8: the largest private garden

The largest private garden in London is located in Buckingham Palace garden.

Buckingham Palace Entrance

Buckingham Palace Entrance

Facts about Buckingham Palace 9: the interior design

The usage of blue and pink lapis as well as the bright colored scagliola is seen on the interior design of Buckingham palace. Those colors were sported in the beginning of 19th century. Get facts about Blenheim Palace here.

Facts about Buckingham Palace 10: the Chinese regency style

Buckingham palace also has the Chinese regency interior style in some smaller reception rooms. The fittings and furniture are taken from Carlton House and Royal pavilion at Brighton.

Facts about Buckingham Palace

Facts about Buckingham Palace

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