10 Facts about Budapest

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The largest city and capital of Hungary is explained in Facts about Budapest. Budapest is called the center of transportation, industry, culture, commercial, and politics in Hungary. In European Union, it is one of the largest cities. The city was inhabited 1.74 million people based on the census in 2011. In 1989, the city was occupied by 2.1 million people. It is considered as the peak population in Budapest. There are 3.3 million people who live in Budapest Metropolitan Area. Get more interesting facts about Budapest below:

Facts about Budapest 1: the area of the city

The area of Budapest spans on 202.7 square miles or 525 square km. On 17 November 1873, Buda and Obuda at the west bank were unified with Pest at the east bank. Therefore, both banks located at River Danube are in a single city of Budapest.

Facts about Budapest 2: the history of Budapest

In 9th century, the Hungarians came to the Budapest. In 1241-1242, the Mongols took over the first settlement. In 15th century, the area was used as the Renaissance humanist cultural center. Then it was under the Ottoman rule for almost 150 years.

Budapest City

Budapest City

Facts about Budapest 3: the important events in Budapest

There are various political events in Budapest such as Revolution of 1956, Battle of Budapest in 1945, Hungarian Republic of Councils in 1919, and Hungarian Revolution of 1848.

Facts about Budapest 4: beauty

Budapest is famous in the world due to its wonderful beauty. The city is the home of the second oldest metro line in the world with its Millennium Underground Railway.

Facts about Budapest

Facts about Budapest

Facts about Budapest 5: World Heritage Site

There are several World Heritage Site located in Budapest such as Heroes’ Square, Andrássy Avenue, Buda Castle Quarter and banks of the Danube. Find out Brussels facts here.

Facts about Budapest 6: the records

Let’s find out the record that the city has. The third largest parliament building is located in Budapest. The city also houses the second largest synagogue and largest thermal water cave system in the world.

Budapest Pic

Budapest Pic

Facts about Budapest 7: the popular city in the world

Budapest takes the 25th place of the most popular city in the world. There are around 4.4 million tourists who come here annually.

Facts about Budapest 8: universities

Budapest is a home to 18 universities. Those include Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Budapest University of Technology and Economics and Central European University.



Facts about Budapest 9: the biggest building

The biggest building in Hungary is the neo-Gothic parliament. It has the length at 879 feet. Get facts about Brighton here.

Facts about Budapest 10: the famous cafes and restaurants

The famous cafes and restaurants in Budapest include Mátyás Pince Restaurants and Gerbeaud Café.

Budapest Facts

Budapest Facts

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