10 Facts about Buddhist Monks

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Let’s find out the interesting Facts about Buddhist Monks in the following post below. In Buddhism, the ordained monastic monk is called a bhikkhu. If you want to call the female monastic monk, use the word a bhikkhuni. The life of Buddhist monks is very simple. Pratimok?a or patimokkha is a set of rules which govern the life of the Buddhist monks. Here are other facts about Buddhist monks to learn:

Facts about Buddhist Monks 1: the lifestyle of Buddhist monk

As I have stated before, Buddhist monks have a very simple lifestyle. They perform meditative and simple life because their purpose is to reach nirvana.

Facts about Buddhist Monks 2: the age of the person

If you are interested to become a bhikkhu or bhikkhuni, but you are still less than 20, you can only be ordained as Samaneras.

Buddhist Monks in Robes

Buddhist Monks in Robes

Facts about Buddhist Monks 3: Vinaya Pitaka

Vinaya Pitaka is a part of Pali Canon. It is used as the guideline to organize Theravada monasticism. Ten Precepts should be applied by the Samaneras. The longer set of rules is applied for the Bhikkhus.

Facts about Buddhist Monks 4: vows of individual liberation

Vows of individual liberation are the system applied in Mahayana monasticism. To make sure that the personal ethical discipline as monks or nuns is applied well, they should take the vows.

Facts about Buddhist Monks

Facts about Buddhist Monks

Facts about Buddhist Monks 5: the four steps of vows

There are four steps for the individual to take the vows of liberation. The first one is taking the five Upasaka and Upasika vows. It is for the lay person. The next way is by employing the monastic lifestyle. For instance, they wear the robes for monks or nuns. Next, they can become a samaneri or samanera. Finally, they can be a fully ordained monastic by talking all vows for a bhikkhu or bhukkhuni.

Facts about Buddhist Monks 6: the monastic and non monastic life

If it is not easy to take all vows for life, the person can return to the non monastic life again. Later, they can renew the vows. Find out another religion in Bahai facts.

Buddhist Monks

Buddhist Monks

Facts about Buddhist Monks 7: the ordination

The ordination can be conducted when a person is six years old, fourteen years old or 21 years old or older for the upasaka, pravrajya and bhik?u in Tibet.

Facts about Buddhist Monks 8: the robes

The Buddhist monks wear the special robes.

Buddhist Monks Picture

Buddhist Monks Picture

Facts about Buddhist Monks 9: the color of robes

The robes worn by the monks in South East Asia, Sri Lanka and India usually are in orange, ochre or yellow. Get facts about Brahmins here.

Facts about Buddhist Monks 10: the color of robes in Himalayan Regions and Tibet

The monks who live in Bhutan, Nepal, Tibet and Kashmir prefer to wear red robes.

Buddhist Monks Life

Buddhist Monks Life

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