10 Facts about Buddy Holly

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Get the interesting Facts about Buddy Holly if you want to know the American singer songwriter and musician. He was born on 7 September 1936 in Lubbock, Texas as Charles Hardin Holley. He died on 3 February 1959. He was famous with the stage name of Buddy Holly. In the mid-1950s, he was famous as the central figure of a rock and roll band. Let’s find out more interesting facts about him below:

Facts about Buddy Holly 1: the musical family

The young Holly was raised by a musical family. He and his siblings loved to sing together. He also learned to play guitar when he was young.

Facts about Buddy Holly 2: the influence

The musical style of Holly was heavily influenced by the rhythm and blue and country music. Get facts about Bruno Mars here.

Facts about Buddy Holly

Facts about Buddy Holly

Facts about Buddy Holly 3: the first appearance

In 1952, Holly had his first debut at the local television. He and his friend, Bob Montgomery established a group named Buddy and Bob.

Facts about Buddy Holly 4: pursuing the musical career

He decided to pursue his musical career after he performed for the opening of Elvis Presley in 1955. He did it for three times to open the concert of Presley. Then he decided to change his band’s music into rock and roll. At first, the band selected western and country music. Find out facts about Bryan Adams here.

Buddy Holly

Buddy Holly

Facts about Buddy Holly 5: the success

The band of Holly was successful after “That’ll Be the Day” was released. It is located at the Best Sellers in Stores chart in US. “Peggy Sue” is another single of the band.

Facts about Buddy Holly 6: Chirping Crickets

Chirping Crickets was another album of Holly and his band. It was well received by the people for in UK Albums Charts, it took number five.

Buddy Holly Pic

Buddy Holly Pic

Facts about Buddy Holly 7: Maria Elena Santiago

Maria Elena Santiago and Buddy Holly met when he was in New York City. Holly relocated to New York City since both married. He was interested to do songwriting and record producing when he was in New York.

Facts about Buddy Holly 8: the dispute inside the band

Holly was unhappy with the band’s manager, Petty. In December 1958, he fired Petty.  Holly left the Crickets because the band kept Petty as the manager.

Buddy Holly Facts

Buddy Holly Facts

Facts about Buddy Holly 9: another band

Holly made another band after he left the Crickets. The band consisted of the guitarist Tommy Allsup and Waylon Jennings, the bassist.

Facts about Buddy Holly 10: death

Holly died because of a plane crash. He chartered a plane from Clear Lake, Iowa to reach Moorhead. The plane crashed after it took off.

Buddy Holly Sings

Buddy Holly Sings

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