10 Facts about Buddy Rich

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Let’s talk Facts about Buddy Rich in the below explanation. He was the notable American band drummer and bandleader. He was born as Bernard Rich on 30 September 1917. He died on 2 April 1987. People recognized him from his wonderful virtuoso speed, groove, power and technique.  He was often called as the greatest drummer in the world. Here are other interesting facts about Buddy Rich for you:

Facts about Buddy Rich 1: parents

His parents worked as vaudevillians. Both were Bess and Robert Rich. His father noted the talent of the young Rich. When he was one year old, he always used spoons to create a steady beat.

Facts about Buddy Rich 2: vaudeville

When Rich was only 18 months old, he started to play drums in vaudeville. Therefore, he was called as Traps the Drum Wonder.

Facts about Buddy Rich

Facts about Buddy Rich

Facts about Buddy Rich 3: the child entertainer

It is very rare for a child to entertain people. There is no need to wonder that Rich was considered as the second highest paid entertainer during the peak of childhood career. The first highest paid child entertainer was taken by Jackie Coogan.

Facts about Buddy Rich 4: a band leader

He became a bandleader when he was 11 years old. He believed that the formal drum instruction would only decrease his musical talent. Therefore, Rich claimed that he never had any formal drum instruction. He also stated that he did not know the way to read music. He never practiced. He played the drums when he was performing.

Buddy Rich

Buddy Rich

Facts about Buddy Rich 5: playing Jazz

In 1937, Rich was with Joe Marsala and Jack Lemaire to form a major jazz group. In 1938, he played with Bunny Berigan, while he played with Artie Shaw in 1939.

Facts about Buddy Rich 6: Tommy Dorsey’s orchestra

Tommy Dorsey’s orchestra hired Buddy Rich in 1938. In this band, he had the opportunity to perform with Frank Sinatra. Then Rich decided to unite with US Marine Corps in 1942 and left the orchestra. Two years later, he left the US Marine Corps and reunited again with Dorsey.

Buddy Rich Young

Buddy Rich Young

Facts about Buddy Rich 7: the financial support

The financial support was gained by Rich from Frank Sinatra to create his own band in 1946. Until the beginning of 1950s, he led various groups on and off. Check facts about Buddy Holly here.

Facts about Buddy Rich 8: playing with other people

Rich also collaborated with other musicians during his career. He played with Les Brown, Harry James, Benny Carter, and Charlie Ventura.

Buddy Rich Facts

Buddy Rich Facts

Facts about Buddy Rich 9: Rich in 1966

He began to create a new big band in 1966. There were various big bands that he led in 1966 until his death. Find Buddy Guy facts here.

Facts about Buddy Rich 10: the performance

The performance of Rich’s band could be seen at clubs, universities, high schools and colleges.

Buddy Rich Drummer

Buddy Rich Drummer

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