10 Facts about Bude

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Let’s find out the small seaside resort town in north Cornwall, England, United Kingdom in Facts about Bude. In the past, this town was called Bude Haven. The location of this town is at the mount of River Strat or River Neet. If you want to reach the town, you just have to go to A3073 road off the A39. People used it as an important harbor in the past. To increase the moorland soil, the sea sand from Bude was taken by people. Here are other interesting facts about Bude for you:

Facts about Bude 1: Bude Coast SSSI

One of the major interesting places in Bude is Bude Coast SSSI. The last word stands for Site of Special Scientific Interest. It is famous due to the biological and geological interest. The location of this site is between Furzey Cove to the north and Compass Cove to the south.

Facts about Bude 2: the cliff

Bude is surrounded by the carboniferous sandstone cliffs. The farmers used to take the calcium carbonate to improve the fertility of their fields.

Bude Beach

Bude Beach

Facts about Bude 3: the only carboniferous sandstone

The cliff in Bude is very interesting and unique for it is mostly composed of carboniferous sandstone. It is the special one that you can find in Cornwall for most cliffs are made of granite, Precambrian metamorphic rocks and devoian slate.

Facts about Bude 4: the wrecked ships

There were many ships wrecked in the rough reefs of Bude. One of the biggest wrecking events was in 1862 when The Bencoolen wrecked on the reefs. Most crews of the ship drowned.

Bude Photos

Bude Photos

Facts about Bude 5: the climate

Can you guess the climate of Bude? It has maritime climate. During the winter season, people experience the mild climate. The summer season is cool. Get Bowness facts here.

Facts about Bude 6: the sunniest place

During the summer season of 2013, Bude was considered as the sunniest place in UK. The resort town received 783 hours of sunlight based on the Met Office report.



Facts about Bude 7: the present day Bude

The present day Bude is famous as a resort town in England. You can find two beaches in the town. The people love to do surfing on the beaches due to the good waves.

Facts about Bude 8: Bude during the reign of Queen Victoria

The people were attracted with sea bathing in Bude during the reign of Queen Victoria.

Bude Picture

Bude Picture

Facts about Bude 9: the Romantic Movement

During the Romantic Movement, people amazed with the Arthurian legend and wild scenery of Bude. Get facts about Bradford on Avon here.

Facts about Bude 10: the types of beaches

There are several beaches that you can visit in Bude. Those are Widemouth Bay, Summerleaze and Summerleaze.

Facts about Bude

Facts about Bude

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