10 Facts about Budgies

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Let’s find out the interesting Facts about Budgies if you want to know the common shell parakeet or pet parakeet. This seed eating parrot has long tail and small body. It is nicknamed budgie. The scientific name of this parrot is Melopsittacus undulates. They can be found living in the dry areas of Australia. For more than five million years, budgies are capable to live in the harsh condition. Here are some interesting facts about budgies below:

Facts about Budgies 1: the colors of budgies

The nape, back and wings of budgies have the black scalloped marking. The body is yellow and green.

Facts about Budgies 2: the color of budgies in captivity

If you check the budgies which live in the captivity, you can find them having various colors such as greys, yellows, white and blues.



Facts about Budgies 3: the popularity of budgies

Budgies are very popular in the world. Many people love to have as a pet at home because they can mimic the human speech. Moreover, the cost to treat this pet is very low. It becomes the third most popular pet in the world. The first is dog, while the second one is cat.

Facts about Budgies 4: the origin of budgies

It is not easy to find out the origin of budgies. People often call it as budgerigar. In 1805, the budgies were first recorded. Find Brumbies facts here.

Budgies pets

Budgies pets

Facts about Budgies 5: the relationship

Fig parrots and lories are related to budgies. The bird is included as one of the parakeets. Get bluebird facts here.

Facts about Budgies 6: the size of wild budgies

The weight of wild budgies is around 1.1 to 1.4 oz or 30 to 40 grams. The length of budgies is 7 inches or 18 cm. The abdomen and rumps have the light green color. If you look at the adult budgies, it has the yellow face and forehead.

Budgies facts

Budgies facts

Facts about Budgies 7: the natural habitat

The natural habitat of budgies is located in Australia. The wild budgies have smaller body size than those who live in captivity.

Facts about Budgies 8: the budgies in pet stores

If you are in the pet stores, you can find budgies sold in yellow, green and blue colors.

Budgies Pic

Budgies Pic

Facts about Budgies 9: the open habitats

The wild budgies can be seen living in open habitats. You can find them in open woodlands, scrublands, and grasslands in Australia.

Facts about Budgies 10: the alternative name

Budgies have various names. Some people call it canary parrot, warbling grass parakeet, shell parrot, scallop parrot, flight bird, and zebra parrot.

Facts about Budgies

Facts about Budgies

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