10 Facts about Buenos Aires

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The largest and capital city of Argentina is explained in Facts about Buenos Aires. In South America, Buenos Aires takes the record as the second largest metropolitan area. The population of the people who live in the greater Buenos Aires conurbation is considered as the third largest one in Latin America. The conurbation consists of some Buenos Aires Province districts. Here are other interesting facts about Buenos Aires:

Facts about Buenos Aires 1: the city of Buenos Aires

The city of Buenos Aires is considered as an autonomous district. It is not included in the Province’s capital or even Buenos Aires province.

Facts about Buenos Aires 2: the removal of Buenos Aires city

Buenos Aires city was eliminated from the Buenos Aires province in 1880 due to the decades of political dispute.

Buenos Aires City

Buenos Aires City

Facts about Buenos Aires 3: the autonomy

The city of Buenos Aires got the autonomy in 1994. Therefore, it is officially called as Autonomous City of Buenos Aires or Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires. In 1996, the first election to find out the Chief of Government in the city was conducted. Before the election, President of Republic appointed the mayor. Find facts about Budapest here.

Facts about Buenos Aires 4: an alpha city

GaWC5 made a study and call three Latin American cities as alpha cities. Those include Sao Paulo, Mexico city and Buenos Aires.

Buenos Aires Pic

Buenos Aires Pic

Facts about Buenos Aires 5: the most visited city

Buenos Aires is considered as the second most visited city in Spanish Latin America. It is still behind Mexico City. But it takes the first most visited city in South America. Get facts about Brisbane here.

Facts about Buenos Aires 6: the quality of life

Based on the report in 2012, Buenos Aires is considered as one of the best cities with high quality of life in Latin America.

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires

Facts about Buenos Aires 7: Paris of America

Buenos Aires is often billed as Paris of America for it is considered as the most populous, largest and important city in South America.

Facts about Buenos Aires 8: the top destination

The people who want to enjoy the flair and air of Argentina love to visit Buenos Aires for it has the rich cultural life and European styled architectural buildings.

Buenos Aires Pictures

Buenos Aires Pictures

Facts about Buenos Aires 9: the important events

There are various important events hosted in Buenos Aires. Those include 1978 FIFA World Cup and 1st Pan American Games in 1951. The 2018 summer youth Olympics will be held in the city.

Facts about Buenos Aires 10: the famous people

The famous people who were born in Buenos Aires include Queen Máxima of the Netherlands and Francis, former Archbishop of Buenos Aires who serves as the current Pope.

Facts about Buenos Aires

Facts about Buenos Aires

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