10 Facts about Buffalo

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Find out the interesting animals in Facts about Buffalo. The water buffalo is also called as domestic Asian water buffalo. This large bovid animal has the scientific name of Bubalus bubalis. The origin of the water buffalo was from China, Southeast Asia and South Asia. Today you can spot the water buffalo in some American countries, Australia and Europe. Let’s take a look at the following post below for more information about buffalo:

Facts about Buffalo 1: Bubalus arnee

Bubalus arnee is the scientific name of the wild water buffalo. It is a completely different species from the water buffalo. Get facts about budgies here.

Facts about Buffalo 2: the types of water buffalo

There are two different types of water buffalo if you see them based on the behavior and morphology. Both are the swamp buffalo and river buffalo.

Facts about Buffalo

Facts about Buffalo

Facts about Buffalo 3: the swamp buffalo

The swamp buffalo can be found living in the Yangtze River in China and Southeast Asia.  The river buffalo lives in Balkans, South Asia, Italy and Egypt.

Facts about Buffalo 4: the origin of swamp buffalo

though the origin of water buffalo is still debatable, some people believe that the swamp type was originated from China. Around 4,000 years ago, the buffalo was domesticated. Around 5,000 years ago, the river buffalo was domesticated. It was originated from India. Get Brumbies facts here.



Facts about Buffalo 5: the trade

The trade of water buffalo could be traced back in modern Iraq, Mesopotamia and Indus valley civilization. The sacrifice of water buffalo was employed in the Akkadian king’s reign.

Facts about Buffalo 6: the number of domestic water buffalo

The report estimates that the number of domestic water buffalo reaches 130 million individuals. This domesticated animal is very important for the life of human being.

Buffalo Picture

Buffalo Picture

Facts about Buffalo 7: the usage of water buffalo

Water buffalo is very important for the people’s life since they use it for tilling the rice field.  They are also used as dairy cattle due to the rich protein and fat from the buffalo’s milk.

Facts about Buffalo 8:the feral population of water buffalo

In the end of 19th century, the feral population of water buffalo was established in northern Australia. You can also find them in northeastern Argentina, Papua New Guinea Brazil, Tunisia, Uruguay and New Guinea.

Buffalo Pic

Buffalo Pic

Facts about Buffalo 9: the skin

When the baby swamp buffalo was born, it has grey skin. It will turn into slate blue when it grows up. The river buffalo has the black to dark slate skin color.

Facts about Buffalo 10: the differences of river and swamp buffalo

The swamp buffalo has smaller limbs, bigger girths and shorter face than river buffalo.

Buffalo Animal

Buffalo Animal

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