10 Facts about Buffalo New York

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Facts about Buffalo New York present the interesting information about the city in New York. It is considered as the major city in the Buffalo-Niagara Falls metropolitan area. It takes the 69th place of the largest city in US with the population of 261,310 people for the city proper based on the census conducted in 2010. Here are some interesting facts about Buffalo:

Facts about Buffalo New York 1: the origin

Let’s find out the origin of Buffalo, New York. At first, it was an only a small trading community in 1789. In 1825, the Erie Canal was opened in the area and made the small community grew bigger. It became the 8th largest city in US by 1900s.

Facts about Buffalo New York 2: the decline

Before it was declined, Buffalo became the largest grain milling center in US. It also has the major railroad hub. However, the importance of Buffalo decreased because the heavy industries and steel mills moved other regions. St Lawrence Seaway was opened which made the Great lakes shipping’s routes switched.

Buffalo New York

Buffalo New York

Facts about Buffalo New York 3: Buffalo Central Terminal

Buffalo Central Terminal was neglected by the people after Amtrak was started in 1970s.

Facts about Buffalo New York 4: the economy of Buffalo New York

The financial service, education, health care and technology contribute a lot to the economy of Buffalo. The unemployment rate in the city was 5.3 percent as of June 2015. Get facts about Bremen here.

Buffalo New York Skyline

Buffalo New York Skyline

Facts about Buffalo New York 5: raising a family

In 2010, the city was ranked in 10th best place to raise a family in US based on Forbes. In 2014, it took the record as the most affordable city in the country.

Facts about Buffalo New York 6: the nickname of the city

There are several nicknames referred to Buffalo, New York.  You can call it The Nickel City, The Queen City, The City of Light and the City of Good Neighbors. If you want to call the people who live here, call them Buffalonians.

Buffalo City Hall

Buffalo City Hall

Facts about Buffalo New York 7: the food

The food in Buffalo is very rich and diverse. The local food is influenced by the American, Indian, Greek, African American, Polish, German, Italian, Irish and Jewish foods.

Facts about Buffalo New York 8: the famous restaurants

The famous restaurants and fast food chains in the city include La Nova Pizzeria, Bada Bing, 716 Food and Sport, John and Mary’s Submarines, Just Pizza and Wings and Cantina Loco.

Facts about Buffalo New York

Facts about Buffalo New York

Facts about Buffalo New York 9: the local favorite foods

Some favorite foods in Buffalo include pastry hearts, Wardynski’s kielbasa, Beef on weck sandwich, haddock fish fries and sponge candy. Check Buenos Aires facts here.

Facts about Buffalo New York 10: the brewing tradition

The brewing tradition in Buffalo is continued by Community Beer Works, Resurgence Brewing, Flying Bison Brewing Company and Flying Bison Brewing Company.

Buffalo New York Facts

Buffalo New York Facts

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