10 Facts about Buffalo Soldiers

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If you want to know the members of the 10th cavalry regiment in United States army, you have to check Facts about Buffalo Soldiers.  The formation of the buffalo soldiers occurred at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas on 21 September 1866. The Native American tribes that they fought gave the nickname Negro Cavalry. Let’s check more interesting facts about Buffalo soldiers in the below post:

Facts about Buffalo Soldiers 1: the term

The term Buffalo soldiers then was used by the people to call the African American regiments established in 1866. The regiments included 25th Infantry Regiment, 24th Infantry regiment, 10th Cavalry Regiment and 9th Cavalry Regiment.

Facts about Buffalo Soldiers 2: who established the buffalo soldiers?

Congress formed buffalo soldiers in the regular United States Army. It was considered as the first peacetime all black regiments. Actually during the civil war, people had found out the establishment of the African American regiments which included U.S. Colored troops Regiments and 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry. But the Buffalo soldier remained special due to the establishment by the congress of United States.

Buffalo Soldiers Pic

Buffalo Soldiers Pic

Facts about Buffalo Soldiers 3: Mark Matthews

Mark Matthews took the record as the oldest living Buffalo Solider. He passed away at the age of 111 years old on 6 September 2005. His burial site is at Arlington National Cemetery.

Facts about Buffalo Soldiers 4: the background of forming the Buffalo soldiers

When the civil war ended, the congress had the idea to reorganize the army. Therefore, there were two regiments of black cavalry established in 9th and 10th Cavalry.

Buffalo Soldiers

Buffalo Soldiers

Facts about Buffalo Soldiers 5: the Indian wars

During the Indian wars, there were six officers and 13 enlisted men received the Medal of Honor.

Facts about Buffalo Soldiers 6: the roles of Buffalo soldiers

There were various roles served by Buffalo soldiers such as escorting the US mails, building roads and frontier.

Facts about Buffalo Soldiers

Facts about Buffalo Soldiers

Facts about Buffalo Soldiers 7: the fabled Johnson County War

Not many people realized the importance of Buffalo soldiers when they participate in the fabled Johnson County War.

Facts about Buffalo Soldiers 8: what was the fabled Johnson County War?

The fabled Johnson County War was the fight between the wealthy ranchers and small farmers in 1892.  The land war was situated in Jonson County, Wyoming. Find facts about American civil war here.

Buffalo Soldiers Picture

Buffalo Soldiers Picture

Facts about Buffalo Soldiers 9: the Spanish American War

Buffalo Soldier also took part in the Spanish American War in 1898. There were only 5,000 black men who participated in the war. Find facts about British Soldiers here.

Facts about Buffalo Soldiers 10: the National parks

There were several national parks served by Buffalo soldier from Company H 24th Infantry regiment in 1899. The parks included General Grant National parks, Sequoia National Park and Yosemite National Park.

Buffalo Soldier

Buffalo Soldier

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