10 Facts about Bugs

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Facts about Bugs explain the insects in the world. The Latin name for bugs is insectum. The characteristics of bugs include a three part of body which includes abdomen, thorax and head, one pair of antennae, compound eyes ad three pairs of jointed legs. This animal is considered as one of the diverse animals in the world. The members of bugs are more than a million species. Here are other interesting facts about bugs to note:

Facts about Bugs 1: where to find insects?

You can find bugs in various conditions and environments. They can be found living in the oceans.

Facts about Bugs 2: the movements of adult bugs

There are several ways conducted by the adult bugs to move. They can be seen swimming, flying and walking. A tripedal gait is used by the insect when they want to move faster, but it enables them to have stable movement.

Bugs Color

Bugs Color

Facts about Bugs 3: the invertebrate

Bugs are included as invertebrates. Most of them spend their life under water before they grow to become adults. Some of them live underwater. They are capable to swimming.

Facts about Bugs 4: water striders

One of the interesting bugs is water striders. These bugs are unique for they can walk on the water surface.



Facts about Bugs 5: the solitary animals

Most bugs are solitary animals. It means that they like to live alone. However, other bugs are social animals which live in well organized colonies such as termites, bees and ants.

Facts about Bugs 6: the communication

The bugs communicate with other bugs using special ways. The light is used to communicate by the Lampyridae. The pheromones of female moths can be perceived easily by the male moths from great distance.

Bugs Picture

Bugs Picture

Facts about Bugs 7: human and bugs

Most people hate bugs. They believe that bugs are pests for their life. To control the presence of bugs at home or farm, the people use insecticides to kill them. Find facts about beetles here.

Facts about Bugs 8: the negative activities of bugs

In the farm, the bugs can be seen destroying the fruits, leaves or sap. Sometimes, the bugs also spread diseases.

Bugs facts

Bugs facts

Facts about Bugs 9: the positive activities of bugs

Bugs also give positive impacts to the life of human beings for they can serve as the pollinators. The flooring plant species are dependent on the pollinators. Get facts about Bess beetles here.

Facts about Bugs 10: bees and silkworm

Bees are used by human being to generate honey. The silk for fashion is produced by silkworms.

Facts about Bugs

Facts about Bugs

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