10 Facts about Bugsy Malone

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Let’s find out the interesting movie in Facts about Bugsy Malone. Alan Parker directed this British musical gangster film released in 1976. The movie was based on the dramatized version of the real live gangers like Bugs Moran and Al Capone. The setting of Bugsy Malone was in the beginning of 1920s until 1931 in New York. Check more interesting facts about Bugsy Malone below:

Facts about Bugsy Malone 1: the viewers for Bugsy Malone

If you check the movie, you will be amazed for most actors here were children. The adults provided the singing voices.  The director had a G rating for the movie for the children’s market.

Facts about Bugsy Malone 2: the directorial debut

Bugsy Malone was the feature length directional debut of Alan Parker. In the movie, you can find a 13-year old Jodie Foster. The movie also introduced Scott Baio.

Bugsy Malone facts

Bugsy Malone facts

Facts about Bugsy Malone 3: Scott Baio

Bugsy Malone was the main character in the movie.  Scott Baio took the role. He became an Italian Irish ex boxing scout or ex boxer.

Facts about Bugsy Malone 4: other characters

Other actors and actresses in Bugsy Malone included Florrie Dugger, John Cassisi, Jodie Foster, Paul Murphy, Martin Lev and Sheridan Russell.

Bugsy Malone Movie

Bugsy Malone Movie

Facts about Bugsy Malone 5: the casting

The cast that Parker selected for his movie included several unknown actors. Parker decided to visit a classroom in Brooklyn to find out his Fat Sam. He wanted to get the naughtiest boy in the class.

Facts about Bugsy Malone 6: Paul Williams

The scores of the movie were created by Paul Williams. Parker chose him because he liked him and he could create a modern sound for this movie. Check facts about Breaking bad here.

Bugsy Malone

Bugsy Malone

Facts about Bugsy Malone 7: the rehearsal and shooting

The shooting and rehearsal location for this movie was largely situated on Pinewood Studios H Stage in England.

Facts about Bugsy Malone 8: Baio and the movie

Baio was very impressed with the shooting process of Bugsy Malone. The kids were allowed to dress up in gangsters.

Facts about Bugsy Malone

Facts about Bugsy Malone

Facts about Bugsy Malone 9: the release of Bugsy Malone

In the end of 1976, Bugsy Malone was released in the market. The film earned positive review. Based on the rotten tomatoes, it scored 82 percent. Find facts about black and white movies here.

Facts about Bugsy Malone 10: the profit

The movie only earned $2.7 million for it was a commercial success in United States. The film was only released in the second tier theaters by Paramount. The profit of the movie was £1,854,000 by 1985.

Bugsy Malone Cast

Bugsy Malone Cast

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