10 Facts about Builders

Wednesday, September 16th 2015. | Buildings

Facts about Builders talk about the general constructor involved in the building project. They have the responsibility to oversee the day to day basis for the management of trades and vendors and construction sites. The builder can be the manager or tradesman. The architectural technologist, engineer, or even architect advises the clients to employ them. All ideas regarding the coordination of the construction project is under the general contractor. Here are some interesting facts about builders for you:

Facts about Builders 1: the documents

Before the builders work on the construction site, they have to look at the project documents which include the proposal, tender and bid documents.

Facts about Builders 2: visiting the site

The builders have to visit the construction site to know the project in details. They will get better understanding by visiting the site.



Facts about Builders 3: the cost of the project

After seeing the site, the builders will show an estimated price for the project. It may include the cost plus price or a fixed price proposal.

Facts about Builders 4: how to define the price

The price of the project is defined by the builders by seeing the general condition, home office overhead cost, labor cost, equipment and materials.

Facts about Builders

Facts about Builders

Facts about Builders 5: the design

The design of the construction in the project is not the responsibility of the builder. Usually the design professional or architect creates the contract documents which include the project manual and drawings. The builders work as the construction manager.

Facts about Builders 6: what is the job of the builder?

Can you tell me the job of a builder? They have to provide all items needed to construct the building such as the equipment, labor and material.



Facts about Builders 7: the responsibilities

Let’s find out the responsibilities of builders. They have to manage personnel on site, secure the property, build permits, manage cash flows, monitor schedules, provide the site surveying, give the temporary utilities on site, and dispose the waste of construction. Check facts about buildings here.

Facts about Builders 8: the educational qualification

To become a builder, you do not need an educational qualification. But there are many employers who want to have the builder with at least a bachelor degree.

Builders facts

Builders facts

Facts about Builders 9: the bachelor degree

You can have a bachelor degree in building science, construction science, construction safety and surveying to become a builder. Get facts about bricks here.

Facts about Builders 10: the experienced builder

If you are interested to become an experienced builder, you can start the job from the bottom by becoming construction workers.

Builders project

Builders project

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