10 Facts about Buildings

Tuesday, September 15th 2015. | Buildings

The man made structure with walls and roofs are explained in Facts about Buildings. The common examples of buildings include factories and houses. There are many types of buildings in the world. They are constructed based on the functions, sizes and shapes. The design of building evolves throughout the history. Let’s find out other interesting facts about building below:

Facts about Buildings 1: the factors which affect the building design

There are several factors which affect the construction of building from time to time such as the weather condition, the availability of the building materials, specific uses of the buildings, land prices, aesthetic reasons and ground conditions.

Facts about Buildings 2: the personal need of the people

The building that human being constructed serves the personal need of the people. It can be the place to live and work, to store the valuable items, live with families, and to protect them from weather and give privacy.



Facts about Buildings 3: building as a shelter

Building is used as a shelter for human being. It should give the people safety and comfort.

Facts about Buildings 4: the first cave painting

Building is one of the main subjects in the first cave painting. It is often celebrated and expressed in artistic style.

Facts about Buildings

Facts about Buildings

Facts about Buildings 5: the houses or homes

The houses or homes are used to call the single family residential buildings. If the residential buildings have more than one dwelling unit, you can call it duplex.

Facts about Buildings 6: a condominium

A condominium is very different from apartment. The people often rent the apartment, but the condominium is often owned.

Buildings facts

Buildings facts

Facts about Buildings 7: the design of houses

The design of houses is various. You can spot the houses in the neighborhood designed in modern, contemporary, Victorian or traditional architectural home design. It can feature small yard, garden, swimming pool and terraces.

Facts about Buildings 8: the apartment blocks

If you live in a very big city, it is very common for the people to see the apartment blocks. The apartments will be able to house thousands of people. Get facts about bricks here.

Building facts

Building facts

Facts about Buildings 9: the common building materials

The common building materials include gravel, concrete, steel, wood, bricks and stone. Find out  a building facts about Buckingham Palace here.

Facts about Buildings 10: the seasonal home design

The residential building is also functioned for a seasonal home. It means that the people do not inhabit the building every single day. It is only occupied as a vacation home such as the great house or cottage house.



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