10 Facts about Bumblebees

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Get the interesting Facts about Bumblebees in the following post below. This animal is included in the family Apidae. People often call it bumble bee. The experts have classified 250 different species of bumblebees. You can find them living in higher altitude and higher latitudes. In Tasmania and New Zealand, you can find the European bumblebees. Here are some interesting facts about bumblebees for you:

Facts about Bumblebees 1: the social insects

One example of social insect is bumblebees. It means that these animals do not live alone. There is only a single queen in the colonies of bumblebees.

Facts about Bumblebees 2: the comparison with honey bees

Let’s compare bumblebees and honeybees. The colonies of honey bees are bigger if you compare them with the colonies of bumblebees. In a nest, there are only 50 individuals of bumblebees.

Bumblebees facts

Bumblebees facts

Facts about Bumblebees 3: the nest

If you think that all bumblebees create nest, you are wrong. The bumblebees which do not create the nest are the cuckoo bumblebees.

Facts about Bumblebees 4: the sting

You have to be careful when you meet the female bumblebee. They can sting you several times. However, the female bumblebees often ignore other animals and human beings in most cases.



Facts about Bumblebees 5: the queen

The queens of bumblebees have the aggressive character. They often invade other nest and kill the other queens. They will lay the eggs on this new nest. The resident workers will take care the eggs.

Facts about Bumblebees 6: the fuzzy look

Many people think that bumblebee has fuzzy look. It is due to the presence of pile all over the round body. This pile is the soft hair which covers the body.

Bumblebees Picture

Bumblebees Picture

Facts about Bumblebees 7: the diet

The main diet of bumblebees is the nectar. The liquid will be absorbed using the long hairy tongue. When bumblebee flies, it folds the proboscis under the head. Check bees facts here.

Facts about Bumblebees 8: the agricultural pollinator

The importance of bumblebee can be seen as an agricultural pollinator. The farmers who live in Asia, North America and Europe concern a lot about the decline.

Facts about Bumblebees

Facts about Bumblebees

Facts about Bumblebees 9: the cause of declined population

The mechanization of agriculture, the habitat loss and usage of pesticide causes the population of bumblebee to decline. Get facts about bees and wasps here.

Facts about Bumblebees 10: the body comparison

If you compare bumblebees with honeybees, the former ones have the rounder tip on the abdomen and wider body.

Bumblebees Image

Bumblebees Image

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