10 Facts about Bums

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Facts about Bums talk about the people who do not have any home. They live by panhandling or begging. You can find the bums live in various public places such as near the busy market, urban parks, and transport routes. Besides asking for money, the bums also ask for cigarettes, drink and food. Here are some interesting facts about bums for you:

Facts about Bums 1: the minimum wage job

It is stated that 90 percent of beggars based on the Canadian Medical Association stated that they want to get off the street and have steady income even though it just gives them a minimum wage job.

Facts about Bums 2: the conventional jobs

There are many bums who do not have the ability to handle the jobs due to the lack of skill, physical disability and mental illness.

Bums Facts

Bums Facts

Facts about Bums 3: begging

Begging is a very common activity that you can find in the world. It has been recorded in the history of the previous era. Get facts about being homeless here.

Facts about Bums 4: British Poor Laws

British Poor Laws were dated back from the Renaissance era. This activity was allowed for the disable people. There were various places which restrict begging.

Facts about Bums

Facts about Bums

Facts about Bums 5: the number of beggars

The number of beggars can be reduced today because of state funds can cover the necessities of the poor people. Get facts about British immigration here.

Facts about Bums 6: the religious view of beggar

The nuns and monks in Buddhism supported their life by begging. By giving the monks and nuns medicine and foods, they can get the religious merit.

Bums Picture

Bums Picture

Facts about Bums 7: Buddhist countries

There is no need to wonder when you can find out a lot of householders streaming around the streets of the local temple to give the monks and nuns food in Buddhist countries such as Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam.

Facts about Bums 8: begging in China

If the beggar utilizes other to beg, begging in china is considered as an illegal act. Begging is considered as a punishable act in Greece based on article 407 of Greek Penal code. You can spend 6 months in jail because of begging.

Bums Image

Bums Image

Facts about Bums 9: begging in Japan

The people rarely beg even though they do not have any home. The people who beg usually are the Buddhist monks.

Facts about Bums 10: homelessness

The people who often beg usually are involved in homelessness. It means that these people do not have a shelter to sleep. They often spent the nighttime on the street or even under the bridge.



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