10 Facts about Bungee Jumping

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If you want to know the activity which involves jumping from a very tall structure, you need to check Facts about Bungee Jumping. It is considered as an extreme activity and should be conducted by the professional people. The large elastic cord will be connected to the body when you do the bungee jumping. Here are other interesting facts about Bungee Jumping for you:

Facts about Bungee Jumping 1: the tall structure

Bungee jumping is considered as an extreme and challenging activity to do. They have to decide the tall structure to do this bungee jumping. It should be a fixed object such as crane, bridge or tall building.

Facts about Bungee Jumping 2: the movable objects

There are some people who decide to do bungee jumping from moveable objects such as helicopter or hot air balloon.

Bungee Jumping

Bungee Jumping

Facts about Bungee Jumping 3: the excitement

People are excited to do bungee jumping because they can enjoy the rebound and feel falling thrill.

Facts about Bungee Jumping 4: the jumping process

When you decide to do bungee jumping, you have to jump from the tall structure using the cord which will stretch. When the cord recoils, it makes you upward. You will continue to go up and down until the kinetic energy produced by the cord degenerated.

Facts about Bungee Jumping

Facts about Bungee Jumping

Facts about Bungee Jumping 5: the first modern bungee jumping

On April 1, 1979, the David Kirke and Simon Keeling made the first modern bungee jumping.  The tall structure was the Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol which had the height at 76 meter or 250 feet. Both of them were Oxford University Dangerous Sports Club members. After they did the bungee jumping, the police arrested them.

Facts about Bungee Jumping 6: the spread of bungee jumping

Even though Kirke and Keeling were arrested after they made the jumps, they continued this activity again from the Golden Gate Bridge and Royal Gorge Bride. The American Programme That’s Incrediable televised and supported the jump. This publicity made all people aware about bungee jumping.

Bungee Jumping Facts

Bungee Jumping Facts

Facts about Bungee Jumping 7: another jumping by Kirke and Keeling

Kirke and keeling created headlines again when both jumped from the hot air balloon and mobile cranes in 1982. Find out boxing facts here.

Facts about Bungee Jumping 8: the commercial bungee jumping

A J Hackett started the first commercial bungee jumping. In 1986, the New Zealander jumped from Auckland’s Greenhithe Bridge.

Bungee Jumping Sport

Bungee Jumping Sport

Facts about Bungee Jumping 9: jumps that Hacket made

There are various structures that Hacket used to jumps. Those included the Kawarau Bridge Bungy at the Kawarau Gorge Suspension Bridge and Eiffel Tower. Check facts about bowling here.

Facts about Bungee Jumping 10: The Macau Tower Bungy

You can do Bunge jumping at Macau Tower Bungy for it is equipped with a Guide Cable system.

Bungee Jumping Pictures

Bungee Jumping Pictures

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