10 Facts about Bunnies

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Facts about Bunnies inform you with the small mammals included in the order Lagomorpha and family Leporidae. You can find the animals living in various parts of the world. The word bunny is just another word to call rabbit. There are several types of bunnies. Those include the Amami rabbit, European rabbit and cottontail rabbit.  Here are other interesting facts about bunnies for you:

Facts about Bunnies 1: the habitats

Bunnies live in the wetlands, grasslands, forests, woods, meadows and deserts. The European rabbits can be seen giving in the rabbit holes or underground burrows.

Facts about Bunnies 2: the population of bunnies in the world

North America is home to more than 50 percent of the bunnies population in the world.

Facts about Bunnies

Facts about Bunnies

Facts about Bunnies 3: the native animals

Bunnies are considered as the native animals of Southeast Asia, southwestern Europe, islands of Japan, South America, parts of Africa and Sumatra.

Facts about Bunnies 4: the bunnies in South America

During the Great American Interchange, rabbit was introduced to South America.

Bunnies Color

Bunnies Color

Facts about Bunnies 5: the long ears of bunnies

Bunnies are always associated with long ears. They have the length at 4 inches or 10 cm. The main function of the ears is to detect the predators.

Facts about Bunnies 6: the hind legs

The hind legs of bunnies are very strong, powerful and large. There are five toes on the two front paws. The four toes can be seen on the hind feet.



Facts about Bunnies 7: the nails and teeth

The teeth and nails of bunnies are strong. The teeth are used for defense, while the digging process is conducted using the nails. The eyes of bunnies are unique for they are capable for seeing 360 degree. Get facts about brown bears here.

Facts about Bunnies 8: the size of bunnies

The size of rabbit is various. You can have it with the weight at 0.4 kilogram until 2 kilogram. The length can be from 8 inches to 20 inches.

Bunnies Facts

Bunnies Facts

Facts about Bunnies 9: the fur of rabbit

Many people think that rabbit is only available in white tone. Actually you can find the bunnies with buff, grey or brown shades of fur. Get facts about buffalo here.

Facts about Bunnies 10: the predators

There are several predators which hunt rabbits such as Iberian lynxes, badgers and red foxes. The bunnies will try to escape from the predators by hopping away using zig zag motion or even burrowing. They will give a powerful kick using the hind legs if they are captured by the predators.

Bunnies Picture

Bunnies Picture

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