10 Facts about Burger King

Thursday, September 17th 2015. | Companies

Facts about Burger King tell you about the global chain hamburger fast food restaurant in the world. In 1953, the company was established as a Florida based restaurant chain called Insta-Burger King. The base of this company is situated in Miami-Dade County, Florida US. Let’s find out more interesting facts about Burger King below:

Facts about Burger King 1: the financial difficulties

In 1954, the Insta-Burger King was involved in difficult finance. Therefore, David Edgerton and James McLamore bought the company and called it Burger King.

Facts about Burger King 2: the changes of ownership

Burger King was sold and bought by four different companies over the next half centuries. In 2002, Burger King was made into public. The third owners have partnership with Goldman Sachs Capital Partners, Bain Capital, and TPG Capital.

Facts about Burger King

Facts about Burger King

Facts about Burger King 3: the majority stake in Burger King

The majority stake in Burger King was bought by 3G Capital of Brazil in the end of 2010. The cost of the stake was US$3.26 billion.

Facts about Burger King 4: restructuring the company

To make sure that the Burger King gains more fortunes, the new owners decide to restructure the company. Burger King merged with Tim Hortons the Canadian based doughnut chain.

Burger King Facts

Burger King Facts

Facts about Burger King 5: the number of the outlets

Let’s find out the number of the outlet that Burger King had in 2013. It was reported that Burger King operated more than 13,000 outlets in 79 countries in the world. 99 percent of the outlets are privately owned in a franchised model. 66 percent of the Burger king outlets are located in US. Find out bubble gum facts here.

Facts about Burger King 6: franchising

Franchising is the main strategy to expand Burger King in the world.  The manner regarding the licenses and rules about burger king franchising is different based on the region.

Burger King

Burger King

Facts about Burger King 7: the disputes of franchising

The franchising program of Burger king is not always harmonious. The Hungry Jack’s is the only franchise of Burger King operated using different name.

Facts about Burger King 8: the menu

You can find a lot of varieties of menu from Burger King such as milkshake, sofa, French fries and burgers. Get facts about blue cheese here.

Burger King Image

Burger King Image

Facts about Burger King 9: the signature product

One of the signature products was Whopper. It was introduced in 1957. The new menus introduced sometimes are not well accepted if they do not suit the local taste.

Facts about Burger King 10: the Golden Age

The golden Age of Burger King campaign was in 1970s. The campaign began to decline in 1980s for the company did not focus.

Burger King Menu

Burger King Menu

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