10 Facts about Burgers

Thursday, September 17th 2015. | Culinary

One of the favorite foods in the world is explained in Facts about Burgers. The word burger is synonymous with hamburger. It is a kind of sandwich made of a slide bun filled with cooked patties of ground meat. People also call burger as Hamburg, hamburger sandwich, cheeseburger or beef burger. Let’s find out more interesting facts about burgers below:

Facts about Burgers 1: the cooking styles

Burgers can be made in various cooking styles. You can make it by barbecuing, pan frying and flame broiling.

Facts about Burgers 2: how to serve hamburgers

The serving for hamburger is very easy to do. You can serve it with condiments such as chiles, relish, ketchups, mustard and mayonnaise. Inside the bun, you can place tomato, bacon, lettuce, cheese, pickles and onions.

Burgers Facts

Burgers Facts

Facts about Burgers 3: where can you find burgers?

There are many places which sell burgers such as the diners, high end restaurants, fast food restaurants and specialty restaurants.

Facts about Burgers 4: the word hamburger

The word hamburger is taken from the word Hamburg. It is the second largest city in Germany. The word burger is always connected with various types of sandwiches.



Facts about Burgers 5: the meat

The meat is often made of beef. But you can find different varieties of meats for hamburgers such as venison, turkey, buffalo burger, kangaroo, salmon burger, fish burger, bacon, lam, elk and vegetable burger.

Facts about Burgers 6: the fast food restaurants

Today, it is very easy for the people to find out the burgers in various fast food restaurants. Most of the burger are produced by the factories and delivered to the restaurants in frozen state. The thickness of the mass produced hamburger is the same.

Facts about Burgers

Facts about Burgers

Facts about Burgers 7: the shape of hamburgers

If you check the hamburgers sold in most fast food chains, they are sold in round shape. If you are interested with square cut hamburgers, you can go to Wendy’s. Check burger king facts here.

Facts about Burgers 8: the flat top

The hamburgers are often grilled on a flat top in most fast food chain restaurants. But the glass flame grilling process is applied in some restaurants such as in Burger King.



Facts about Burgers 9: the conventional American restaurants

If you visit the conventional American restaurants and order hamburger, you can order the rare, medium well or well done burger.

Facts about Burgers 10: Big Mac

Big Mac is considered as one of the top selling hamburgers in the world. It is sold by McDonald’s. In United States, there are around 550 million Big Mac sold per year. Find facts about bread here.

Burger Picture

Burger Picture

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