10 Facts about Burke and Hare

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Let’s find out the series of murders committed in Edinburgh, Scotland in Facts about Burke and Hare. People often call this murder as West Port murders in 1828. The murders occurred in a period of 10 months. The persons who committed the murder were William Burke and William Hare. Here are some interesting facts about Burke and Hare below:

Facts about Burke and Hare 1: the motif

Burke and Hare were the Irish immigrants. There were 16 corpses of Burke and Hare’s victims sold to Doctor Robert Knox. This doctor uses the corpses to present his famous anatomy lectures.

Facts about Burke and Hare 2: the partner in crime

When Burke and Hare murdered the victims, both were assisted by Margaret Laird, the wife of Hare and Helen McDougal, the mistress of Burke.

Hare's lodgin -house Tanners Close

Hare’s lodgin -house Tanners Close

Facts about Burke and Hare 3: the demand of cadavers

The demand of cadavers was increased in 19th because the medical science flourished in Britain. Therefore, the legal supply was not able to meet the need of the medical school to do the anatomy teaching.

Facts about Burke and Hare 4: who was Burke?

Burke was born in Urney, Ulster in 1792. In 1817, he moved to Scotland and worked as a navy in Union Canal. He had tried different jobs such as a cobbler, baker, laborer and weaver.

Burkes House from the Backcourt

Burkes House from the Backcourt

Facts about Burke and Hare 5: who was hare?

People believe that Hare was born in Poyntzpass or Derry. Both locations are situated in Ulster. He also worked as a laborer for union Canal when he moved to Scotland.

Facts about Burke and Hare 6: Dr Robert Knox

The public and press also considered Dr Robert Knox as a guilty person by association. Dr Robert Knox was considered as the surgeon who caught up the murders. Check facts about Bruce Ismay here.

Burke and Hare

Burke and Hare

Facts about Burke and Hare 7: the first body

The first body that Burke and Hare sold was the old army pensioner. On 29 November 1827, the pensioner died because of natural causes. That’s based on the testimony of Hare.

Facts about Burke and Hare 8: selling the body to Dr Robert Knox

Burke and Hare sold this first body to Dr. Robert Knox of University of Edinburgh. When the pensioner died, the coffin was filled with bark. The corpse was taken to the university for Dr Robert Knox. At first, Burke asked for the direction to meet Professor Monro to a student. But he was directed to meet the assistant of Dr. Robert Knox.

Dr Robert Knox

Dr Robert Knox

Facts about Burke and Hare 9: charging fees

The medical students and visitors who came to see the full demonstration of anatomical subjects had to pay the fee to watch. Get facts about Buffalo Bill here.

Facts about Burke and Hare 10: the first murder victim

Joseph was considered as the first murder victim of Burke and Hare. Both were paid £10.

Burke and Hare Movie

Burke and Hare Movie

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