10 Facts about Burma

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Check Facts about Burma in the below post.  Burma is considered as the former name of the country. Now, you can call it Republic of the Union of Myanmar as the official name. There are several countries which share borders with Burma such as Thailand, Laos, India, Bangladesh and China.  Here are other interesting facts about Burma for you:

Facts about Burma 1: the population of the people

It is estimated that the country is inhabited by 51 million people based on the census conducted in 2014. Therefore, the population in Burma is lowered.

Facts about Burma 2: the capital city and size of Burma

Yangon or Rangoon is the largest city in Burma. Naypyidaw is considered as the capital city of Burma. The country has the total area of 261,227 square miles or 767,578 square km.

Facts about Burma

Facts about Burma

Facts about Burma 3: the beginning of civilization in Burma

The lower Burma was inhabited by Mon kingdoms. The Upper Burma was inhabited by Tibeto-Burman-speaking Pyu city-states. Find out facts about Burkina Faso here.

Facts about Burma 4: Burma in 9th century

The upper Irrawaddy valley was settled by the Bamar people in 9th century. In 1050s, the Pagan Kingdom was established in Burma. Then the country is dominated by the Burmese culture, Burmese language and Theravada Buddhism.



Facts about Burma 5: the decline of Pagan Kingdom

The Mongol invasion in the country causes the fell of Pagan Kingdom. Taungoo Dynasty was considered as the largest kingdom in the South Asian history in 16th century.

Facts about Burma 6: an independent country

In 1948, Burma became an independent country. It was made with democratic system. In 1962, the government system was in coup d’e’tat. It was the military dictatorship. In 2011, the military dictatorship finished in Burma.

Burma Temples

Burma Temples

Facts about Burma 7: the civil wars

One of the longest running civil wars in the world is located in Burma. This country is linked with the human right violation. The important event in Burma includes the release of Aung San Suu Kyi.

Facts about Burma 8: the economy

The economy in Burma lies on the production of natural gas, gems, jade and other minerals. Get facts about Burnei here.

Burma facts

Burma facts

Facts about Burma 9: Buddhism

Most people who live in Burma embrace Buddhism. The lay people definitely support and venerate the life of monks in Burma.

Facts about Burma 10: Burmese cuisine

The usage of fish mainly defines the cuisine in Burma.  People love to eat ngapi or fermented seafood, fish sauce and dried prawn. The famous traditional breakfast dish in the country is Mohinga.

Burma Beauty

Burma Beauty

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