10 Facts about Burning

Tuesday, September 22nd 2015. | Physics

Facts about Burning talk about the gaseous part of fire. The flame will burn the material. The reaction which produces flame is caused by the exothermic reaction. The type of fuel in the combustion determines the temperature as well as color of the burning. The burning can happen because of the presence of oxygen. But people can use other oxidizers to produce the flame. Let’s find out more interesting facts about burning below:

Facts about Burning 1: the hydrogen burning chlorine

You can burn by using the hydrogen burning in chlorine. The HCl will be emitted in the process of burning.

Facts about Burning 2: the rocket engine

The combustion in the rocket engine is powered by the combination of nitrogen peroxide and hydrazine.

Burning Facts

Burning Facts

Facts about Burning 3: another oxidizer

Another oxidizer is Fluoropolymers. It is used in the viton, Teflon or even magnesium composition.

Facts about Burning 4: Bunsen burner

Bunsen burner is very famous in the world. You can check different types of flames produced in the burning depending on the oxygen supply.

Burning Material

Burning Material

Facts about Burning 5: the color of flame in the burning process

There are several factors which affect the color of flame in the burning process. The major factors include the spectral band emission and black body radiation. The smaller factors which affect the burning colors include the spectral line absorption and spectral line emission.

Facts about Burning 6: the temperature of yellow flame in Bunsen burner

The yellow flame in Bunsen burner is often called as the safety flame. In Bunsen Burners, it has the temperature at 1,800 degree F or 1,000 degree C.

Facts about Burning

Facts about Burning

Facts about Burning 7: the blue appearance

The blue appearance in Bunsen burner is received when the black body radiation is low and oxygen supply is increased.

Facts about Burning 8: the factors with determine the temperature

The temperature of burning process is determined based on some factors such as the atmospheric pressure, adiabatic flame, atmosphere temperature, oxygen content, and oxidation of the fuel, the burned fuel, and many more.

Burning Image

Burning Image

Facts about Burning 9: the flame temperature

The burned candle and other common items usually have the temperature at 2,600 degree F or 1,400 degree C. The propane torch has the temperature at 3,620 degree F or 1,995 degree C. The blow torch is 2,900 degree F or 1,600 degree C. Get facts about Burning Materials here.

Facts about Burning 10: the hottest burning process

The bright blue white flame is seen in the burning process of Dicyanoacetylene. It has the temperature at 9008.33 °F or 4986.85 °C.

Burning Pic

Burning Pic

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