10 Facts about Burt Munro

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Let’s check out the interesting information about the famous motorcycle racer in Facts about Burt Munro. His full name is Herbert James Munro. He was born on 25 March 1899 and passed away on 6 January 1978. On 26 August 1967, Munro broke the world record for setting an under 1,000 cc motorcycle at Bonneville.

Facts about Burt Munro 1: the last record

The last record that Munro made was when he rode a 47 year old machine. At that time, Munro was 68 years old.

Facts about Burt Munro 2: the modification

He modified the 1920s Indian motorcycle by working from his house located in Invercargill. He had to do it for 20 years to enjoy great modification on the machine.

Burt Munro Picture

Burt Munro Picture

Facts about Burt Munro 3: the first speed record

Let’s find out the first speed record of Munro. In 1938, he set the first speed record in New Zealand. Then he had other seven records.

Facts about Burt Munro 4: Bonneville Salt Flats

Munro wanted to show the world his skill. Therefore, he was interested to break the world speed record. He had three speed records when Munro was at Bonneville Salt Flats. One of the three speed records in salt flats is still taken by this man until today.

Burt Munro Pic

Burt Munro Pic

Facts about Burt Munro 5: in movies

Due to his wonderful skill, effort and success, Munro’s life was filmed. You can see Anthony Hopkins in The World’s Fastest Indian released in 2005. Roger Donaldson was the director of Burt Munro: Offerings to the God of Speed. It was a short documentary movie released in 1971.

Facts about Burt Munro 6: the date of birth

When Munro was born, he had a twin sister. However, she died at birth. Munro was born in Invercargill in 1899. He was raised in Edendale.

Burt Munro Facts

Burt Munro Facts

Facts about Burt Munro 7: the speed interest

Munro was interested with speed when he was very young. His father always complained when he rode the fastest horse in the family along the farm. Find facts about Buffalo Bill here.

Facts about Burt Munro 8: a new interest

He developed a new interest of speed after the arrival of aircraft, cars and motorcycle. Therefore, he would like to know more about the outside world.

Burt Munro

Burt Munro

Facts about Burt Munro 9: the work

Munro became a motorcycle mechanic and salesman. In the New Zealand motorcycle scene, he was on the top during the motorcycle race. Get facts about Burke and Wills here.

Facts about Burt Munro 10: a skillful man

Munro is considered as a skilful and handy man. Instead of buying the tools and parts professionally, he tried to make them at home.

Facts about Burt Munro

Facts about Burt Munro

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