10 Facts about Burton on Trent

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Facts about Burton on Trent tell you about the town situated on River Trend in East Staffordshire, England. People call it Burton or Burton upon Trent. You can call the people who live in the town as Burtonian.  It was inhabited by 72,299 people based on the report in 2011. Here are other interesting facts about Burton on Trent:

Facts about Burton on Trent 1: the original town

The original town of Burton on Trent actually was located surrounding Burton Abbey.

Facts about Burton on Trent 2: the battle site

The site of two famous battles was located in Burton Bridge. During the first English civil war, the royalist took over the town in 1643. The rebel of Earl of Lancaster was defeated by Edward II in 1322.

Burton on Trent Picture

Burton on Trent Picture

Facts about Burton on Trent 3: the manor house

The manor house in Burton was extended by William Lord Paget and his successors. The River Trent Navigation to Burton was assisted too.

Facts about Burton on Trent 4: Burton in the beginning of modern period

In the beginning of modern period, Burton on Trent became a busy market town.

Burton on Trent Pic

Burton on Trent Pic

Facts about Burton on Trent 5: brewing

Burton is famous in United Kingdom due to its brewing. If you are on Wellington Road, you can find Coors Brewers Maltings Division Shobnall Site. It is one of the main
sources of economy in Burton.

Facts about Burton on Trent 6: the number of breweries

If you are visiting Burton, you can find eight breweries located in Burton. Some of them are Molson Coors Brewing Company, Coors Brewers Ltd, the Marston’s Brewery, and Tower Brewery. Get facts about Bowness here.

Burton on Trent Facts

Burton on Trent Facts

Facts about Burton on Trent 7: the traditional beer

Don’t forget to enjoy the traditional beer sold in Burton on Trent. They are Stairway to Heaven, Golden Delicious, Damson Porter and Damson Porter.

Facts about Burton on Trent 8: the company

In 2002, Burton town center was established as a limited company. Burton Town centre Management runs Burton town centre.

Facts about Burton on Trent

Facts about Burton on Trent

Facts about Burton on Trent 9: the outdoor market

Burton on Trent also has the outdoor market. You can go to Burton at 8.30 until 4pm on Thursday, Friday and Saturday to visit the market. Get facts about Bude here.

Facts about Burton on Trent 10: the important festival and events

There are many festivals held in Burton on Trent. Bloodstock Open Air is held on 8 miles south-west of Burton. It is the heavy metal music festival. There are around 11,000 people who love to watch the festival.

Burton on Trent

Burton on Trent

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