10 Facts about Bury

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Facts about Bury tell you about the town England. The patron of Derby High School is Earl of Derby. The school was opened in 1959. You can also find several colleges in Bury. One of them is Bury Grammar School. In 1634, it was opened. Other colleges include Holy Cross College and Bury College. In the past, the former college was called Bury Convent Grammar School. Here are other interesting facts about Bury below:

Facts about Bury 1: high schools

You can also find different kinds of high schools in Bury. Those include Elton High School, St Gabriel’s RC High School, Broad Oak High School, Derby High School, Woodhey High School, Bury Church of England High School and Tottington High School.

Facts about Bury 2: the football club

Bury FC is the football club in Bury. In 1885, the club was established. It plays at Gigg Lane. During the inaugural season of Lancashire League, the club completed the game as the runner up in 1889.

Bury Pic

Bury Pic

Facts about Bury 3: the current activity of Bury FC

The current activities of Bury FC today are playing in League One in 2015 until 2016.

Facts about Bury 4: the famous players

There are several notable football players produced by Bury FC. Those include Colin Kazim-Richards, Simon Whaley and David Nugent.

Bury facts

Bury facts

Facts about Bury 5: the former legends of Bury FC

Some of the notable legends of Bury FC included Terry McDermott, Norman Bullock, Lenell John-Lewis, Trevor Ross, John McGrath, Neville Southall, and Alec Lindsay.

Facts about Bury 6: Met arts centre

The small performing art venue in the Bury is Met arts centre. It tries to promote the comedy events, music and theatre program. The base is located in Derby Hall on Market Street.



Facts about Bury 7: the galleries and museums

Bury has various museums and galleries.  One of them is Bury Art Museum on Moss Street. You can find the works created by Landseer, Constable and Turner.  It houses different collections of Art from 20th century and Victorian period. Check facts about Burton on Trent here.

Facts about Bury 8: The Fusilier Museum

If you want to know the collection of Lancashire Fusiliers, you have to go to The Fusilier Museum. If you want to know the fine collection of interactive displays and vintage vehicles, you can go to Bury Transport Museum.

Facts about Bury

Facts about Bury

Facts about Bury 9: Elbow

Elbow was hailed from Bury.  Guy Garvey was the front line of this band. “Seldom Seen Kid” is very famous and received Mercury Prize and Brit Award. Find facts about Abingdon here.

Facts about Bury 10: the prominent food

The black pudding is the famous food in Bury. When you are in the restaurants in Bury, it is very common to spot black pudding on the menu.

Bury Town

Bury Town

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