10 Facts about Bushfires

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Facts about Bushfires inform you with the wildfire which occurred in Australian bush. In New Zealand and Australia, the word bush is to define the woodland, scrubs and grassland. The presence of bushfire is very common to spot during the beginning of autumn and summer season in south west and south east of Australia. Here are other facts about bushfires:

Facts about Bushfires 1: the bushfires in north of Australia

The dry season usually occurs in north of Australia during the winter season. It increases the rate of having bushfire.

Facts about Bushfires 2: the plants

The bushfires made the plants on fire easily. The high oil content on the Eucalyptus trees make them easily burned on fire.

Facts about Bushfires

Facts about Bushfires

Facts about Bushfires 3: the estimated cost

The bushfire in Australia had cost A$2.5 billion for more than 40 years. It also destroys at least 4,554 houses and kills 250 people.

Facts about Bushfires 4: the Victorian bushfire

In 2009, there was a Victorian bushfire which damaged 2000 houses and killed 173 people. The wildlife in the areas was killed too.



Facts about Bushfires 5: the climate

The climate of Australia is the main reason why this country is always affected with bushfire.  During the hotter months of the year, there are several frequent bushfires.

Facts about Bushfires 6: the ecology

Bushfire not only affects the economy, but also the ecology in Australia. It destroys houses and kills people. But the environment is also affected because many plants are burned.

Bushfires Australia

Bushfires Australia

Facts about Bushfires 7: the major firestorms

There were several major firestorms which occurred in the world. Most of them are named based on the day of the occurrence of bushfire. The major ones include Black Saturday and Ash Wednesday. Check facts about Australian rainforest here.

Facts about Bushfires 8: the other bushfires in Australia

Other major events in Australia include 2006 December Bushfires, 2003 Eastern Victorian alpine and 1983 Ash Wednesday Bushfire.

Bushfires Facts

Bushfires Facts

Facts about Bushfires 9: the types of bushfires

There are two types of bushfires in Australia based on the topography. If the bushfire is located in the alpine, mountainous and hilly areas, it is called as the mountainous or hilly fire. The fire which occurred on scrubland or grassland is called as grassland fire or flat fire. Get facts about Australia here.

Facts about Bushfires 10: the spread of fire

The spread of fire is uncontrollable because of the wind. Some common causes of bushfire include arson, arching due to the power lines, lightning, campfires, machinery and many more.



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