10 Facts about Bushrangers

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Facts about Bushrangers talk about the people who had robbery under arm as a part of their life style. They lived primarily on the bush. In the past, the word bushranger was used to call the escaped convicts. This term applied during the beginning of the British settlement in Australia. The bushranger used their skill to live in the bush so that the British authorities will never catch them. Check out more interesting facts about bushrangers below:

Facts about Bushrangers 1: the highwaymen

The word bushranger actually was similar with the outlaws of the American old west and British highwaymen. Most bushrangers in Australia were the colonial born sons of convicts.

Facts about Bushrangers 2: the crimes

The bushrangers were against the authorities of Australia. To survive, they did coach services or even robbed the small banks.

Bushranger Picture

Bushranger Picture

Facts about Bushrangers 3: Ned Kelly

Ned Kelly is considered as the famous icon of bushranger in Australia. During his case, there are several policemen killed. In 1880, the bush ranging period in Australia ended after Ned Kelly was executed in 1880.

Facts about Bushrangers 4: the peak of bushrangers

In 1850s until 1860s, the bush ranging period was in its zenith growth. It was called as the gold rush era. The bushrangers were able to access the great wealth if they can get gold. The gold could be converted to cash and was very portable to transport.

Facts about Bushrangers

Facts about Bushrangers

Facts about Bushrangers 5: the bushrangers in New South Wales

The number of bushrangers in New South Wales was increased in 1860s and 1870s. These people wanted more glamorous job. They did not want to do faming or mining.

Facts about Bushrangers 6: the centered activities

The activities of the bushrangers in New South Wales were concentrated in Cowra, Yass, Forbes, and Lachlan Valley.

Bushrangers Facts

Bushrangers Facts

Facts about Bushrangers 7: the famous gangs

The leaders of the famous gangs in 1860s and 1870s included Ben Hall, John Gilbert and Frank Gardiner. Check Australia facts here.

Facts about Bushrangers 8: Captain Thunderbolt

Captain Thunderbolt earned the record as the most successful bushranger in Australia. He died after being shot in 1870 in Uralla. He spent 6.5 years bush ranging in northern New South Wales.



Facts about Bushrangers 9: the difficulty to runaway

In 1880s and 1990s, it was very difficult for the bushrangers to runway from the officials due to the increased communication technology, train transportation and police efficiency. Get facts about Australian History here.

Facts about Bushrangers 10: Kelly Gang

Ned Kelly was the leader of Kelly Gang. They were outlawed for two years and captured in 1880 in Glenrowan.



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