10 Facts about Business Letters

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Facts about Business Letters talk about the letter written by one company to other companies, organizations, clients or customers.  If you are interested to write a business letter, you need to know the relationship between the company and the parties. In most cases, the business letters are written in formal style. Let’s find out more interesting facts about business letter below:

Facts about Business Letters 1: the content

Can you tell me the content of business letters? It can be used to give information of order supplies from supplier or to request the action or information from another company. In some cases, the business letter is also sent to apologize for the wrong goods sent to the customers. Find out facts about business here.

Facts about Business Letters 2: the importance of business letters?

Business letters are very important if you want to have great business. It can give you the permanent written record. It makes the communication between the company, customers, suppliers and another party run smoothly.

Facts about Business Letters

Facts about Business Letters

Facts about Business Letters 3: styles of business letters

There are two styles of business letters. The first one is the full block style. You just have to align all elements on the left margin. The modified block style is made on the left page margin.

Facts about Business Letters 4: the margin

The margin in Microsoft Word has been made default.  It usually has the 1 to 1 ¼ inches for the side, top and bottom margins.

Business Letter Pic

Business Letter Pic

Facts about Business Letters 5: the one page letter

If you create the memos or letters in one page, make sure that they are centered vertically.

Facts about Business Letters 6: the font and characters

It is okay to use any kinds of font formatting. But make sure that you use underlined style for the subject line.

Business Letter

Business Letter

Facts about Business Letters 7: the British and American style

If you use the American version to write the greeting or salutation, it should be followed with a colon. If you opt for British style, it is followed by a comma.

Facts about Business Letters 8: the closing line

In the closing line, you need to put comma at the end.

Business Letters

Business Letters

Facts about Business Letters 9: the general format

Let’s find out the general format of business letters. Those include Modified Semi-Block, Modified Block, Semi-Block, Block, Open and Standard.

Facts about Business Letters 10: the open format business letter

If you opt for the open format business letter, you do not have to put any punctuation after the salutation and complementary close.

Business Letters facts

Business Letters facts

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