10 Facts about Business School

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Find out the interesting information about a university level institution which offers business management and business administration program in Facts about Business School. Have you ever considered to be enrolled in business school? You can be a wonderful businessman or businesswomen. This type of school is often called as biz school, b-school, school of business, school of management or school of business administration. Here are some interesting facts about business school below:

Facts about Business School 1: the topics taught in business school

There are various topics that you can learn in business school. Those include economics, administration, accounting, human resource management, finance, entrepreneurship, public relations, organizational behavior, organization psychology, logistics, information systems, marketing, research methods and many more.

Facts about Business School 2: the predominant course

The predominant courses taught in the business school are mostly about business. The business school usually is the department, colleges and faculties.

Facts about Business School

Facts about Business School

Facts about Business School 3: the degree

A business school is mostly offered as a part of the university program in North America. The students can get the undergraduate bachelor’s degree or master of business administration degree.

Facts about Business School 4: the first business school in the world

ESCP Europe is considered as the first business school in the world. It was established in Paris, France in 1819.

Business Schools

Business Schools

Facts about Business School 5: the campuses of ESCP Europe

The campus of ESCP Europe is not only located in Paris. You can also find this oldest business school in Torino, Madrid, Berlin, Warsaw and London.

Facts about Business School 6: the oldest business school in Italy

The oldest business school in Italy was The Ca’ Foscari University. It was established in Venice, Italy in 1868.

Business School

Business School

Facts about Business School 7: XLRI

The oldest business management school in India is XLRI. It was established in 1949. Get facts about business intelligence here.

Facts about Business School 8:the degree

There are various degrees for the students who followed business school. The bachelor degrees include BBus or Bachelor of Business, while BBA stands for Bachelor of Business Administration.

Business School Picture

Business School Picture

Facts about Business School 9: the doctoral degree

The doctoral degree from business school includes PhD in management, DPS or Doctor of Professional Studies, and DCOM or Doctor of Commerce. Get facts about business here.

Facts about Business School 10: the teaching

The case study is considered as the primary method for teaching the students in the business school.  They also learn more on how to make the firm successful by learning about the markets, financial structure, management, competition and firm’s products.

Business School Facts

Business School Facts

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