10 Facts about Buster Keaton

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Get the interesting information about the notable writer, stunt performer, filmmaker, vaudevillian, actor and comedian in facts about Buster Keaton. He was born on 4 October 1895 and passed away on 1 February 1966. People always recognized him from his physical comedy in the silent movies. Buster Keaton was called as The Great Stone Face due to his deadpan expression and stoic face. Check other facts about Keaton below:

Facts about Buster Keaton 1: as a director

Entertainment Weekly was called Buster Keaton as the seventh greatest director. He was called as the 21st greatest male star based on the rank of American Film Institute in 1999.

Facts about Buster Keaton 2: the declined career

The career of Buster Keaton declined after MGM hired him. He lost his artistic independence. The disappointing career made him end up in alcoholism. His family life was ruined because of his alcoholism.

Facts about Buster Keaton

Facts about Buster Keaton

Facts about Buster Keaton 3: An Academy Honorary Award

In 1958, Keaton was awarded with an academy award after he could revive his career again. People were impressed with his honored comic performance. In 1940s, he was recovered and remarried again. He also struggled to enhance his career.

Facts about Buster Keaton 4: the best movies

The General is one of the best movies of Keaton. It was ranked at the 15th best movie of all time by Sight & Sound in 2002.

Buster Keaton

Buster Keaton

Facts about Buster Keaton 5: other wonderful movies of Keaton

The other wonderful movies of Keaton include The Navigator, Sherlock, Jr. and Our Hospitality.

Facts about Buster Keaton 6: the early life

On 4 October 1895, Keaton was born in Piqua, Kansas. His birth name was Joseph Frank Keaton. He was raised by his vaudeville family. Find facts about Bruce Lee here.

Buster Keaton Pic

Buster Keaton Pic

Facts about Buster Keaton 7: parents

Joseph Hallie “Joe” Keaton was the father of Buster Keaton. Joseph and Harry Houdini had a travelling show. It was called as Mohawk Indian Medicine Company. His mother was Myra Keaton.

Facts about Buster Keaton 8: the first appearance on stage

In 1899, Buster was on the stage for the first time in Wilmington, Delaware. Actually he was in a part of The Three Keatons along with his parents when he was only three years old.

Buster Keaton Image

Buster Keaton Image

Facts about Buster Keaton 9: the silent film era

The first appearance of Keaton in the silent movie was in The Butcher Boy. At that time, he was hired as gag man and a co-star. Get facts about Bruce Willis here.

Facts about Buster Keaton 10: the full length feature

The full length featured movie of Keaton was The Saphead in 1920. The movie was based on The New Henrietta.

Buster Keaton Facts

Buster Keaton Facts

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