10 Facts about Butterflies

Wednesday, September 23rd 2015. | Animals

One of the beautiful animals in the world is explained in Facts about Butterflies. It is included in the order Lepidoptera and class of insects. The wings of butterflies are beautiful due to the unique colors and texture. The oldest known butterfly fossil was dated back around 56 million years ago. Here are other interesting facts about butterflies for you:

Facts about Butterflies 1: the life cycle

There are four stages of life cycles for butterflies. The eggs of butterflies will be placed on the food plants. They are called caterpillars. It will grow into pupate in chrysalis. The adult insect will be moved from the pupa after it splits. It flies when the wings grow and develop.

Facts about Butterflies 2: the butterflies in the tropics

The generation of butterflies can be in a single generation or it can span in several generations.

Butterflies Shape

Butterflies Shape

Facts about Butterflies 3: the escape from the predators

There are various ways conducted by butterflies to avoid the predators. They can do mimicry, camouflage or even aposematism.

Facts about Butterflies 4: migration

Butterflies often migrate to reach the new land. One of the butterflies which migrate by reading a very long distance is monarch butterflies.

Butterflies Pic

Butterflies Pic

Facts about Butterflies 5: parasitic relationship

There are several types of butterflies which develop the parasitic relationship with other organisms such as ants, flies, vertebrates, invertebrates and protozoans. Check facts about bumblebees here.

Facts about Butterflies 6: pest

Human being considers several species of butterflies as pest which destroys trees and crops during the larval stage. However, there are some butterflies which give benefits for people and ecosystem.  Few butterflies may eat the harmful insects and some of them can act as the agents of pollination.

Butterflies Facts

Butterflies Facts

Facts about Butterflies 7: butterflies in culture

Butterflies are very important as part of our culture. Many people use butterflies as a motif in literary art, fabrics, and visual arts.

Facts about Butterflies 8: the body segment of butterflies

Butterflies have three body segments. Those include abdomen, thorax and head. The wings have bright colors. It can be in blue, yellow, orange or even black.

Facts about Butterflies

Facts about Butterflies

Facts about Butterflies 9: the distribution of butterflies

You can find butterflies living around the world. But you will never find them in Antarctica. There are around 18500 species of butterflies in the world. Get facts about burrowing owls here.

Facts about Butterflies 10: the monarch butterflies

The monarch butterflies are native to America. Now you can find them living in Iberian Peninsula, Oceania, New Zealand and Australia after they spread in 19th century.

Butterflies Color

Butterflies Color

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