10 Facts about Butterfly Fish

Wednesday, September 23rd 2015. | Animals

Facts about Butterfly Fish inform you with a group of tropical marine fish. It is included the family Chaetodontidae. Other members of the family include coralfishes and bannerfishes. You can find the butterfly fish in Indian, Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. There are around 120 species of butterfly fish. Check more interesting facts about the fish below:

Facts about Butterfly Fish 1: the appearance of butterfly fish

The appearance of butterfly fish reminds you with the smaller angelfish. However, the members of angelfish look like Moorish idol.

Facts about Butterfly Fish 2: the body size

On average, the butterfly fish has the length around 4.7 to 8.7 inches or 12 to 22 cm.

Facts about Butterfly Fish

Facts about Butterfly Fish

Facts about Butterfly Fish 3: the largest species of butterfly fish

Can you mention the largest species of butterfly fish? Both are the saddle butterfly fish and the lined butterfly fish.  The body of both species can develop up to 12 inches or 30 cm.

Facts about Butterfly Fish 4: the name of the fish

The name of the fish is used to resemble the colorful shades that you can find on the body butterfly. Therefore, you can find butterfly fish in various shades such as yellow, orange, red, blue, white or even black. But some species of butterfly fish has dull tone.

Butterfly Fish

Butterfly Fish

Facts about Butterfly Fish 5: the eyes

The dark bands can be seen across the eyes. The flanks feature the eyespots. The butterfly fish has the narrow body.

Facts about Butterfly Fish 6: the tail fins

The butterfly fish has the truncated or rounded the tail fins. They are considered as diurnal animals.

Butterfly Fish Pic

Butterfly Fish Pic

Facts about Butterfly Fish 7: the place of living

It is very common to spot the butterfly fish in the depth less than 59 feet or 18 meter. But there are some species of butterfly fish which live in the depth at 590 feet or 180 meter. Find facts about blue tang fish here.

Facts about Butterfly Fish 8: the popularity

Butterfly fish is considered as a popular fish in the world due to the amazing colors. Therefore, you can spot them in many home aquariums.

Butterfly Fish Facts

Butterfly Fish Facts

Facts about Butterfly Fish 9: the diet

Do you know the main diet of butterfly fish? They like to eat sea anemones and coral polyps. Get facts about bony fish here.

Facts about Butterfly Fish 10: pelagic spawners

The butterfly fish is always called as a pelagic spawner. The eggs that they spread in the water are buoyant along with the plankton. Then they will hatch in the water. The bony plates will cover the body of the postlarval fish. When they mature, the boney plates will be eliminated.

Butterfly Fish Color

Butterfly Fish Color

Are you interested reading facts about butterfly fish?

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