10 Facts about Buzz Aldrin

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If you are interested to know the second person who walks on the moon, check Facts about Buzz Aldrin. He was born on 20 January 1930. He was the former astronaut. His full name is Edwin Eugene Aldrin Jr. Aldrin was famous after he became the Lunar Module Pilot on Apollo 11. Let’s find out other interesting facts about Aldrin below:

Facts about Buzz Aldrin 1: walking on moon

On 21 July 1969, Aldrin walked on the moon at 03:15:16 (UTC). The first person to walk on the moon is the Neil Armstrong. He served as the mission commander.

Facts about Buzz Aldrin 2: the birthplace

Aldrin was born in a hospital situated between Montclair and Glen Ridge, New Jersey. His birthplace based on his birth certificate is listed on Glen Ridge.

Buzz Aldrin Facts

Buzz Aldrin Facts

Facts about Buzz Aldrin 3: parents

His mother was Marion Gaddys. His father was a career military man named Edwin Eugene Aldrin Sr. During his early year, Aldrin was awarded with Tenderfoot Scout rank for he was a boy scout.

Facts about Buzz Aldrin 4: the education

Let’s check the education of the young Aldrin. In 1947, he graduated from Montclair High School. Then he had higher education by enrolling to United States Military Academy at West Point, New York. Actually Massachusetts Institute of Technology offered him with full scholarship.

Buzz Aldrin Image

Buzz Aldrin Image

Facts about Buzz Aldrin 5: the nickname

Buzz is considered as his nickname. He was called Buzz since his childhood because his elder sister called him Buzzer. It was the mispronounced word of brother. In 1988, he used Buzz as his legal name.

Facts about Buzz Aldrin 6: graduation

In 1951, he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from US Military Academy.

Facts about Buzz Aldrin

Facts about Buzz Aldrin

Facts about Buzz Aldrin 7: the early career

After he graduated from Military academy, he became the 2nd Lieutenant in US force. In Korean War, he was a jet fighter pilot.

Facts about Buzz Aldrin 8: as an astronaut

Aldrin was selected as the third astronaut class. Actually he was rejected at first for he had not followed a test pilot. Get facts about astronauts here.

Buzz Aldrin

Buzz Aldrin

Facts about Buzz Aldrin 9: the backup crew

Aldrin and Jim Lovell served as the backup crew after the death of Gemini 9 Prime crew. Get facts about astronomy here.

Facts about Buzz Aldrin 10: the second astronaut to walk on moon

He was the second astronaut to walk on the moon on 21 July 1969. He stated “Beautiful view. Magnificent desolation” when he walks on moon for the first time.

Buzz Aldrin Picture

Buzz Aldrin Picture

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