10 Facts about Byzantine Empire

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Facts about Byzantine Empire tell you about the eastern Roman Empire. This empire was established during the late antiquity and middle ages. Most of the people were the Greek speaking society. Constantinople was the capital city in Byzantine Empire. It is the present day Istanbul. Check more interesting facts about Byzantine Empire below:

Facts about Byzantine Empire 1: the Western Roman Empire

In 5th century AD, the Western Roman Empire fell. The Byzantine Empire was considered as the fragmentation of that empire.

Facts about Byzantine Empire 2: the existence

The existence of Byzantine Empire was very long. It survived thousand years.  In 1453, the existence had to end after the ottoman Turks captured it? Mehmed the conqueror was successful to defeat it.

Byzantine Empire facts

Byzantine Empire facts

Facts about Byzantine Empire 3: the life of the people in Byzantine Empire

In Europe, the Byzantine Empire was famous with the wonderful military force, cultural value and powerful economy.

Facts about Byzantine Empire 4: the citizens of Byzantine Empire

The citizens of Byzantine Empire often called the empire as the Roman Empire for the Eastern Roman Empire and Byzantine Empire are the history geographical terms.

Byzantine Empire

Byzantine Empire

Facts about Byzantine Empire 5: the main capital

The primary capital of Rome was shifted to Byzantium and Nova Rome by Constantine the Great between 324 and 330.  Then Byzantium was called Constantinople.

Facts about Byzantine Empire 6: Christianity

The official state religion in the area was Christianity. It was under the reign of Theodosius I.

Byzantine Empire Image

Byzantine Empire Image

Facts about Byzantine Empire 7: the tradition

Many historians distinguish between Byzantium and ancient Rome. Both were not in the similar tradition for Byzantium Empire oriented more on the Greek tradition than the Latin tradition. Moreover, it did not focus on the Roman polytheism for the Byzantium Empire was portrayed by the Orthodox Christianity. Find out facts about ancient Roman art here.

Facts about Byzantine Empire 8: the man media of art

In the beginning period, the main media to create art included mosaic, wood panel, and fresco. It was very rare for the people to find the Byzantine art in the form of figurative sculpture. In Western Europe, the byzantine art was well respected. If we talk about the byzantine literature, it was mainly affected by the Oriental, Roman, Christian and Greek tradition.

Byzantine Empire History

Byzantine Empire History

Facts about Byzantine Empire 9: The ecclesiastical forms

The byzantine music was reflected in the ecclesiastical forms. They are considered as the church, festival and ceremonial music. Get facts about British Empire here.

Facts about Byzantine Empire 10: the cuisine

The Roman condiment Garos is considered as the heart of the Byzantine cuisine. The main drink includes the wine flavored with pine resin. It was called retsina.

Facts about Byzantine Empire

Facts about Byzantine Empire

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