10 Facts about Cadbury

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The British multinational confectionery company is explained in Facts about Cadbury.  Mondelez international owns this company. Cadbury takes the record as the second largest confectionery company in the world. The first largest one is taken from Wrigley’s. The company is operated in over 50 countries in the world. It is based in Uxbridge, Greater London. Check out other interesting facts about Cadbury below:

Facts about Cadbury 1: the famous products

Can you mention the famous products of Cadbury? Those include Roses selection box, Crème Egg and Dairy Milk Chocolate. This company still has other confectionery products to try.

Facts about Cadbury 2: the establishment of Cadbury

In 1824, John Cadbury founded the Cadbury Company in Birmingham, England.  He and Benjamin, his brother developed the business. Actually John was a seller of coffee, tea and drinking chocolate. His sons Richard and George also involved in the business.

facts about Cadbury

facts about Cadbury

Facts about Cadbury 3: a modern village

To increase the living condition of the workers in the company, the son of John named George created a modern village at Bournville estate.

Facts about Cadbury 4: the famous product

The dairy milk chocolate is considered as the main product in Cadbury. In 1905, it was introduced in the market.  Compared to the rival products, the dairy milk chocolate contained more milk. It was considered as the best selling product in Cadbury by 1914.



Facts about Cadbury 5: merger

In 1919, Cadbury and J. S. Fry & Sons merged. In 1969, it merged with Schweppes. In 2010, Kraft Foods bought Cadbury.

Facts about Cadbury 6: John Cadbury

John Cadbury was the founder of Cadbury Company. He was in Bull Street, Birmingham to sell coffee, tea and drinking chocolate in 1824. In 1831, he decided to produce the different kinds of drinking chocolates by using various cacaos. Get facts about Burger King here.

Cadbury Chocolate Pic

Cadbury Chocolate Pic

Facts about Cadbury 7: building a factory

Due to the high cost of production of making chocolate, he had to sell all of his wealth. He established the factory located in Bridge Street.

Facts about Cadbury 8: the name of the company

Since John Cadbury and his brother, Benjamin were partners to create the company, it was called as Cadbury Brothers in 1847. They also had an office in London.

Cadbury World

Cadbury World

Facts about Cadbury 9: Queen Victoria

The company of Cadbury Brothers sent the cacao and chocolate to Queen Victoria after they earned the royal warrants in 1854. Get facts about B&Q here.

Facts about Cadbury 10: the products

Some products of Cadbury include Mini fruit gums, dairy milk chocolate, Swedish berries, wine gums and many more.

Cadbury facts

Cadbury facts

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