10 Facts about Cadbury Chocolate

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Facts about Cadbury Chocolate talk about the product of Cadbury Company. The chocolate is very famous in the world due to the unique taste. Actually there are many other products by Cadbury such as Swedish berries, wine gums, juicy squirts, mini fruit gums, sour chiller, fruit mania, Bubblicious bubble gum, and Bubbaloo bubble gum. Here are other interesting facts about Cadbury chocolate:

Facts about Cadbury Chocolate 1: the decline of the company

In the end of 1950s, Cadbury Company declined. In 1861, the business was taken over by the sons of John Cadbury, Richard and George. The company lost a lot of money. The number of the worker was reduced from 20 to 11 people.

Facts about Cadbury Chocolate 2: the profitable company

The Cadbury Company became profitable again by 1864.  They tried to improve the quality of the products and focus more on the production of chocolate than the production of coffee and tea.

facts about Cadbury Chocolate

facts about Cadbury Chocolate

Facts about Cadbury Chocolate 3: the improved cacao in Britain

Cacao is considered as the main ingredient to create chocolate. The improved cacao was introduced by Richard and George in 1866. It was considered as the major breakthrough.

Facts about Cadbury Chocolate 4: the export

The firm began to export the new cacao presented from Netherlands.

Cadbury Chocolate

Cadbury Chocolate

Facts about Cadbury Chocolate 5: chocolate confectioneries

The production of chocolate confectioneries in Cadbury was started in 1880s.

Facts about Cadbury Chocolate 6: the milk chocolate bars

The special line of milk chocolate bars produced by Cadbury was introduced in 1897. Check facts about Cacao here.

Cadbury Chocolate Products

Cadbury Chocolate Products

Facts about Cadbury Chocolate 7: the Dairy Milk bar

The dairy milk bar is considered as the most notable product from Cadbury. It was launched by the firm in 1905. Compared to the preceded chocolate bars, the proportion of milk in the bar is higher.

Facts about Cadbury Chocolate 8: who developed the dairy milk bar?

George Cadbury Jr. developed the dairy milk products. It also marked the record for the mass production of milk chocolate conducted by British company.

Cadbury Chocolate Pic

Cadbury Chocolate Pic

Facts about Cadbury Chocolate 9: the best selling product

By 1914, the dairy milk bar was considered as the best selling product in Cadbury Company. It gave the company a huge commercial success. Get facts about Cadbury here.

Facts about Cadbury Chocolate 10: Bournville Cacao line

Another chocolate product was Bournville Cacao line. In 1906, the company launched the line and it was well received by the people.

Cadbury Chocolate facts

Cadbury Chocolate facts

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